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Newest:GATEWAY 3DS FAQ Update

31 Jul

The gateway 3ds card official website has updated their news:

First units to ship this week !

And a quick note to update our FAQ regarding the use of the “blue” card and recent title releases:

Can the blue card run DS home brew ?
YES :- The bundled blue ds card, is in essence a standard DS cart capable of both DS backups and home brew for DS mode, tested to work on 6.1

Is the blue card required for every power cycle ?
No :- Our custom Gateway Installer DS app is only required to be run once to setup and thereafter any time the console is used in DS mode.

Does Gateway support all games:
No :- Animal Crossing uses unique NAND based save hardware in the cart, support will be added through a GW firmware update. Mario (released last week) is forcing 5.1 update. We have prioritised work on supporting all such future releases. Stay tuned.

Please NOTE the FAQ update was specifically speaking about our bundled BLUE DS card not the Gateway RED 3DS card ! as mentioned the Blue DS card is a standard DS card for DS mode. Gateway works on (4.1 -> 4.5) only for now.

It is said this card has sold out the first units,but we do not see any gateway 3ds cards in the market now, we just know the only distributor is ,as we still do not know whether it is the really reseller.
So we are just waiting for more useful information,Once we can sell it, we will tell you ASAP.

A new arrival:R4I3D Card can directly support 3ds v6.1.0-12 and dsi v1.45.

31 Jul

R4i3d card official website has released a 3ds V6.1.0-12 and Ndsi V1.45 update firmware:


R4I3D Card is not a new one , it just a old one which changed the picture. 


It can directly support the 3ds v6.1.0-12 and the ndsi V1.45 now, you just need to download the firmware from the official website

If you still do not know this card you can kindly view follow features of it:

–Support Internet access, IP phone, MSN, e-mail

–Updated in real time kernel, and solve new problems running the game and the new host

–Able to recognise and display SD type, capacity and format.With sleeping mode function, to extend standby time.

–Multi-language setting, simple and easy-operated interface.

–Supports up to 32GB of storage capacity with SDHC cards with enhanced performance even on slower cards.

The price of this card is very cheap,for more information about it, you can kindly view here.

The r4i-sdhc 3ds rts card firmware updated to v1.72b.

30 Jul

Good news released from on july 29th ,2013.
r4iThe r4i-sdhc rts 3ds newest kervel V1.72b has released,this update also only be suitable for only the rts 3ds model,if your card is the newest can support the 3ds v6.1.0-x directly you can download the firmware v1.72b,Otherwise,if your card is the old one which need to update to work on firmware v1.72b,So please keep patient to wait the update patch, it will be released very soon.


Also,this update bring much change including compatible with more ds games,more detail,please view here:

R4i V1.72b Update:

1. Upgrade for support 3DS 6.0 firmware. Only available for RTS card (certain model only).
2. Fix some RTS games white screen issues.
3. Fix some RTS games hang issues.
4. Fix some RTS games problem.
5. Solved games:
6213 – The Smurfs 2(US)
6208 – The Smurfs 2(EU)
6204 – El Profesor Layton y la Llamada del Espectro(EU)
6202 – Josefiina Alkupolku Seikkailumaa Unelmien peili (EU)
6201 – Alkupolku Matematiikka – Sumua Lukukyl?n yll? (EU)
6017 – Jewel Match 2 (EU)
6182 – Toy Story 3 (EU)
6180 – Cars 2 (EU)
5570 – Midnight Mysteries – The Edgar Allan Poe Conspiracy (EU)
XXXX – Lernen mit Pokemon – Tasten-Abenteuer (Germany)
XXXX – Apprends avec Pokemon: A la Conquete du Clavier (FR)
XXXX – Tangled (En,Sv,No,Da)
XXXX – Cooking Mama World – Combo Pack – Volume 1(Eu)

Above changes may bring much new experience and wonderful feeling for game lovers.
If you want to get some of this card please view

where we can get the cheapest r4i gold 3ds cards?

30 Jul

Which card is the most popular for 3ds consoles now?
Which card can always update fast and break the nintendo’s newest firmware frequently,which card can supportt he most new ds games?
The answer is r4i gold 3ds card from,it is your best choice.If you still do not know what is r4i gold 3ds card, let me tell tell you:
R4i gold

Except for Supper DS Two card,R4i gold 3ds card can be said to be the most powerful card, it use the wood firmware which always update frequently,always compatible with much newest ds games like “lernen mit pokemon”,”cooking mama world” ect..
As i Know, the nintendo always release a newest firmware on the 3ds console to block up the flash cards,r4i gold 3ds Team usually release the latest firmware directly support the 3ds console fast.
What’s more, its economical price attractive much game lovers, There is no question that it become the best popular card now, please try it to felling its power function and enjoy the wonderful life it bring you.
Please view here if you interested in it .

New arrival:BLuxury Crystal Rhinestone Diamond Bling Metal Case for iPhone 5 4 4S

27 Jul

A new style of iphone 4/4s/5 case is arrivalLuxury Crystal Rhinestone Diamond Bling Metal Case for iPhone 5 4 4S<a href=””&gt;

This kind of Phone cases is famous for its refined lines and avant-garde design. The Diamonds are around the half case and its shape is just a frame, simple but elegant. Drilling are eight stars eight arrows cone drill.
With follow bright Features:

1.Has independent volume, mute, switch buttons, easy to operate.
2.Reserved holes in the lower left corner, can be installed on the mobile phone chain, belt, etc., with high practicality.
3.surface treatment process of anodic oxide film, and beautiful at the same time has a high resistance to corrosion and wear resistance
4.iPhone and enclosure accessible position bumper with polyurethane cushioning to protect your iPhone from harm

Material: Hard Zine alloy with rhinestone diamond

Several colors for choose: pink,silver,Gold.

IPH308 (5)
If you are interested in this beautiful case, you can kindly get it from

Korea new Strawberry shell protection case for Samsung I9300/I9500/N7100 phone

26 Jul

Are you still upset yourself for no good case for your Samsung phones?
Now, Here comes a nice style Korea new Strawberry shell protection case!
This new style of case is special design for the Samsung Phones.

SMG070 (9)
The TPU material can perfectly protect your handset from scratches and damage Cut outs for all buttons and charging ports.The fruit design is so prettyand cute, always may catch your eyes nearly in one second.

It is light and Conveniently Portable,espescially, Sereval kinds of colors you can choose which will bring you much wonderful feelings and bring you a good mood everydays!
If your heart are attractived by it you can kindly bring it back home from here.

How to update the r4i gold 3ds cards for the latest 3ds xl/3ds/dsi?

23 Jul

Recently, the r4i gold 3ds cards become more and more popular,since use the wood firmware, the r4i gold 3ds team always update frequently.And always the wood firmware can support more games and nearly all ds games can be played on a r4i gold 3ds card include Pokemon Black/white.
The r4 card works well all 3ds xl/3ds,all dsi and all ds console.


If you still do not know anything about the r4i gold card, “What do I do when I’ve bought one and what else do I need to buy? How do I get the games on the card? How do I set up R4i Gold Card?” You will get your question answered in this chapter, as it contains step-by-step instructions on how to set up and use an R4i Gold 3DS Card. You will find it’s not too difficult to get started.
Make sure following things are all prepared:
2.r4i gold 3ds card
3.micro sd card
4 card reader
5.3ds (3ds xl/dsi/ds)


please follow as these steps:

Step 1. Insert the MicroSD card into the Card Reader then insert them into a USB port in your computer. Open the MicroSD folder, which will appear as a removable disk drive on your PC. And format your MicroSD card. Dont forget to back up all the contents if you have something important on the SD card.

Step 2. Download the latest R4i Gold 3DS Wood Kernel V1.61 from Our Firmware Download page and you will see the compressed file as below


Extract the kernel file with WinRAR or another decompression program, you will get

Access the folder, you will see the r4i gold 3ds kernel files

Step 3. Copy all the contents of the kernel folder and drag them onto the root of your MicroSD card. (make sure copy all the files inside instead of the folder), and you can create a new folder to store the game files or simply put the games onto the SD card.

Step 4. Insert the MicroSD card into the R4i Gold 3DS card.

Step 5. Insert the R4i Gold 3DS card with SD card installed into the 3DS (or 3DS XL/DSi/DS) Console

Step 6. Boot up the 3DS (or 3DS XL/DSi/DS) Console and you’ll see the R4i Gold Card icon as below


Step 7. Start playing games !