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3k3y Firmware 2.01 released!

27 Aug

3k3y which is developed by the original xk3y team,compatible with both Fat and Slim PS3 models.It doesnt need any soldering and Supports most file systems, including NTFS, EXT2/3/4, and Mac OS X Extended.

Now,the newest update has released on their official website,the 3k3y firmware 2.01 released!

please view the following details:

From this version the disk key is automatically detected.
– Merge 3Dump and NoKeys
– Support for for PSX img/bin/cue files
– Improved support for for PSX img/bin/cue files
– Support for homebrew/no IRD game ISOs
– Override drive type in 3Key.cfg (3Dump only)
– Improve bad BD handling
– Improved ISO detection time (400X)
– Remove Autoeject & D1 options from 3key.cfg
– Add support for gyo.db & auto detection of disk key

More powful function has been updated and more function supported.
For more infomation about this card, you can kindly view

Gateway 3ds card released REGION-FREE and FIRMWARE SPOOFING!

19 Aug

The Gateway 3ds card official website has released good news,the gateway 3ds has develop more function.

The detail update on the official website as follow:

REGION-FREE and FIRMWARE SPOOFING released to beta testers !!! We are ecstatic to announce the beta release of our much awaited region liberator 🙂 All beta testers are kindly asked to feedback any issues in a timely manner so we can move the release to the wider public.
OSX fans :- We searched high and low for a suitable SD image writer and came up empty handed 😦 therefore we decided to code our own tool for you 🙂 Please feel free to make use of our Mac OS 3DS SD Imager tool in place of the win 32 disk imager mentioned in our guides.
As always ENJOY !
Note: we are aware of compatibility issues with the iQue and HK units, rest assured work is in progress ! ”
That’s to say now we can play 3ds games without any region restriction and with firmware spoofing features, gateway 3ds can be emulator to allow our users to play V4.5 or higher 3ds games on N3DS V4.5 or lower version. This is really a big breakthrought.
It is really attractive for gateway 3ds cards lovers,also we hope more and more function wll be release on gateway 3ds card.

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Gateway 3ds card are available now!

16 Aug

Gateway 3ds card is availble now!
After the GAteway 3ds official website release the good news!
Lots of gamelovers are waitting for this card come out soon!
After test,Gateway 3ds card can perfectly support the 3ds games without any problem.
pic16If you also like this card and want to enjoy the 3ds game feeling please do not hesitate to get some from

How to use the gateway 3ds card?

16 Aug

Have you already have a GATEWAY 3DS Card?
With the gateway3ds card released,more and more game lovers want to get a new card to enjoy the 3ds games。
But,DO you still confused on how to use it?
Yes,this article will show you stepd by steps to tell you how to use the gateway 3ds card.

First of all, you should prepare following cards:

Gateway3ds cards(one red card and one blue card)
3DS/3DSXL Console(firmware should be V4.1-4.5)
Now let us follow the steps to play the card:

1.Put the TF Card into the card reader,format the tf card(to fat 32), then download the card kernel v1.0 from on you computer and extract it.
2.After extract the kernel, please put all the following blue Card(R4i) files to the Tf card.

3.Put the tf card into the blue card,start your 3ds console and insert the blue card into your 3ds will seen a sword on the left ofthe screen of your console, and click it.



4.choose the gateway picture and fix it,after fixed ,please press A,and then the console will show close.


5.get out the blue gateway card from your console,take out the sd card from the 3ds console and put it into the card reader,connect it with your computer,and then put the download file -launcher.dat at the first step into your sd card catalogue.

6.put thesd card back into your 3ds console and open it, choose the {The setting of ontology}at the 3ds interface



7.after that,take out the tf card from the blueGateway 3ds card and connect with the computer and format it,then download a Games mirror copy software Win32 Disk Imager:from,
Start the software and then in the top right corner of the Device select your TF card drive!
Then click on the drive on the left side of the folder icon to choose your downloaded game ROMS.



8.At last,get out your tf card,insert yourred gateway 3ds card,and then put it into the gateway 3ds console.The lower left corner of game card column will become your burn in the game,and then you can play the games now.


how to update r4i3d?

14 Aug

if your r4i3d card(Printed with “2013” signs ) can not run on 3DS V6.20-12 console, please use this 3DS V6.20-12 upgrade package to upgrade your r4i3d card(Printed with “2013” signs ) by nds/dsl/dsi/dsill/dsixl/3ds for running on 3DS 3DS V6.20-12 console.


Firmware Upgrade Precedures

1. You can not upgrade r4i3d card(Printed with “2013” signs ) with 3DS V6.20-12. If your 3DS console has already been upgraded to 3DS 3DS V6.20-12, you will need another NDSL or NDSi or N3DS(which should be below version 3DS V6.20-12)to upgrade your r4i3d card flash card (Printed with “2013” signs )for running on 3DS V6.20-12 console.
2.Make sure NDS was fully charged,better with external power pluged.
3.First, reformate the MicroSD card,then download the latest kernel .
4.Unzip and copy the files to the rootdirectory of MicroSD card.

5.Download the latest upgrading programs. Unzip and copythe file(fwUpdate_V6.20.nds) to the root directory of MicroSD card.

6.Insert MicroSD card into r4i3d card(Printed with “2013” signs ), then insert r4i3d card(Printed with “2013” signs ) into nds\dsl\dsi\dsixl\3DS
7.Turn on console and press”A” button to run the upgrade file fwUpdate_V6.20.nds.
Note: When upgrading r4i3d card(Printed with “2013” signs ),it is not allowed to turn off power or pull out r4i3d card(Printed with “2013” signs ), otherwise it will damage r4i3d card(Printed with “2013” signs ).

More flash cards can support 3ds v6.2.0-x now.

13 Aug

The r4i sdhc silver card and the r4i sdhc dual core card official website  has released the new firmware which can directly support 3ds v6.2.0-x today.

Follow is the information:

2013 R4ISDHC Dual-Core kernel updated to wood 1.62. 2013-8-10
2013 R4i sdhc-silver Card Supporting the latest 3DS 6.2.0-12 and DSI V2.13 in the world.2013-8-13

You can kindly view to download the firmware.
After this,more and more cards will break the block and support the 3ds v6.2.0-x.
For more infomation about these two card, you can kindly view


Wood r4i Kernel v1.62 arrival.

13 Aug

Today,the r4i gold 3ds cards official website has released the wood firmware V1.62.
R4i gold
This new release always bring some changes:

In an age when Slot-1 Flash Kits are coming to an end, it is always nice to see an update for the card that brought so many into this hobby. Wood v1.62 is a small compatibility update, that features R4i specific RTS fixes. Let’s update our YWG supported cards and get back to gaming!
Important Distinction
Now, there are so many fake Wood R4 versions which have nothing to do with me. Only Wood R4 for the original R4, R4i Gold (, R4iDSN (, and AK RPG are supported by me. I can only fix bugs for these specific releases. Do not post bug reports or ask for updates for clone cards running a fake version of Wood.

Change log (WOOD R4 V1.62):
‘smurfs 2, the (europe)’ fixed.
‘smurfs 2, the (usa)’ fixed.

R4i Specific:
fixed sound restoring in many games.
fixed bug that cause freeze after leaving rts menu in following games:
disney friends
simpsons game, the

The r4i gold 3ds card can directly support the latest 3ds v6.2 now.
If you need some please view here.