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Which Flashcard will be your best choice?

29 Sep

Nowadays,Lots of 3ds flashcards appear in the market.There are so many good cards like:SUPPER DSTWO,R4I GOLD 3DS,R4i sdhc silver card,r4i dual core card ,r4i sdhc rts card,Ace3ds plus and,r4i gold pro card.

Lets explain more about above cards for the newer of nds console lovers.

Supper Dstwo card, from

Support all 3ds and nds consles,always update very fast.
DSTWO the second generation flashcard.
It’s the first built-in CPU flashcard in the world.
DSTWO powerful CPU support built-in GBA/SNES emulator, support more powerful real-time functions.
R4i gold 3ds card,form

R4i gold 3ds card can support all 3ds & dsi console.
Wood firmware always update fast and can directly support nearly all nds games.
It is nearly the most popular card now.

R4i silver sdhc card,from

Support SDHC
Firmware always can update fast and can directly support the latest 3ds console

R4i dual core card,from

Built-in file operation
Cheat function
Support multi-language
Soft reset

R4i-sdhc rts card,from

Support all 3ds /ds console
Real-time guide feature
Real-time save features
User-cheat features

Ace3ds plus, from

Support the latest version 3ds console/ds console
Always update very fast
It is more cheap tham any above cards

Above cards are all very popular now.
Different function,different card and different price,all the cards have different features,you can choose the one you like best , the most powerful one or the cheapest one.
For more information about them you can kindly view

PS3 3k3y SATA has been released out!

28 Sep

Nowadays!3k3y comes in 2 models – one for PS3 with SATA inteface and one for PATA interface. Please see compability chart below.

Works on all PS3 models including 2k5, 3k and Super Slim!
Play your PS3, PS2* and PSX games from any USB media!
No custom firmware required for operation – you can update to the latest official firmware for PSN access
Enables homebrew on all systems without the need of custom firmware!
Removes region lock on games
User friendly intuitive XMB, Web and Remote interfaces
Hardware AES engine
Ultra-small size – fits inside all PS3 models!
Automatically detects game keys from database
Hardware and software for high-speed game ripping to PC
No soldering required except on 3xxx/4xxx models
Multi-language support
Supports most file systems, including NTFS, EXT2/3/4, and Mac OS X Extended
High speed USB2 interface
Powerful embedded Linux system running from Micro SD card (included)
Linux firmware fully updatable from USB media
FPGA fully updatable from USB media via built-in, in-system JTAG programming
Recovery mode – it is always possible to recover from a bad flash Update your PS3 as normal, no CFW or game patching required
Pass-through mode. (Use your PS3 in “normal mode”

For this two different 2 models,we know they are suit for different models.

3k3y SATA is for the following models:

“Fat” models:

•CECHL (open to make sure its sata model, might be PATA)

“Slim” models:

CECH 20xxx
CECH 21xxx
CECH 25xxx
CECH 30xxx

“Super Slim” models:

CECH 40xxx

3k3y PATA (“Fat”) is for the following models:



As this items has been devided to this two models,So before you order this product please kindly make sure your console model and then choose the right one for your console.

The E3 ODE PRO will be released very soon.

24 Sep

It is said the E3 ODE PRO, the world’s best ps3 ODE,will be released on the market on 26th September!


We know that the E3 team has released the E3 ODE before and the E3 ODE pr is nearly the same function as the E3 ODE PRO.
The E3 ODE PRO uses the very latest in unique technology designed by E3-TEAM to allow users to play all game without restart PS3.

Compared with other existing ODE’s on the market, the E3 ODE PRO enhances the excitement of being able to play a game right away, as it reduces the frequency of restarting your PS3 console, which overall protects the lifespan of your PS3.

Select and play ,no need restart PS3 to run game, protected the life of your PS3 effectively

Other function is same as E3 ODE :

Support all PS3, include 3K and 4K version .
Support for running HOMEBREW and E3 ODE CFW on unbreakable OFW, include 3K and 4K console .
Easy upgradable mode, allow user update E3 ODE new function easily.
Support BD movie, PS1/PS2 game (In a future update)
Need boot disc to run game (same as other ODE)
Because of additional hardware, the official retail price of E3 ODE PRO is USD $79.80

The R4i-sdhc rts card can support 3ds v6.3.0-12 and firmware update to V1.74b.

17 Sep

After the Nintendo has released the 3ds v6.3.0-12,More and more cards can directly support the 3ds v6.3.0-12,firstly the r4i-sdhc rts card has been blocked and can not support the newest firmware.

Now the Official website has released the newest firmware V1.74b,which can support the 3ds v6.3.0-12.

The updating as follow:

R4i V1.74b Update:
1. Support 3DS 6.3 upgrade For RTS card (certain model only).
2. Fix some RTS games white screen issues.
3. Fix some RTS games hang issues.
4. Fix some RTS games problem.
5. Solved games:
6233 – To-Fu Collection (EU)
6230 – Mahjongg Mysteries Ancient Egypt (US)
6229 – Atlantic Quest (EU)
6227 – 7 Wonders Treasures of Seven (US)
6226 – Gardening Guide – How To Get Green Fingers(EU)
6224 – Disney Planes(US)
6223 – Fashion Week Jr Designer(US)
6222 – 3-in-1 Horses (EU)
6216 – Cooking Mama World – Combo Pack Volume 2 (EU)
6215 – Cooking Mama World – Combo Pack Volume 1 (EU)
6213 – The Smurfs 2 (Usa)
6204 – El Profesor Layton y la Llamada del Espectro (EU)
6202 – Josefiina Alkupolku Seikkailumaa Unelmien peili (EU)
6201 – Alkupolku Matematiikka – Sumua Lukukyl?n yll? (EU)

The newest firmware also only suit for certain model,If your rts card can not support the latest firmware ,please keep patient,the new patch will be released very soon.

If you are interested in this card please kindly view

R4i gold 3ds card can directly support 3DS V6.1.3-12.

16 Sep

After the Nintendo has released the 3ds v6.3.0-12, lots of flash cards can directly support the 3ds V6.3.0-12.
Like Supper Dstwo, r4i gold 3ds rts these two cards can firstly directly support the 3ds v6.3.0-12.It is said that this time update has no blocked many flash cards only the r4i sdhc rts has been blocked.
You can kindly view following information which can directly support 3ds v6.3.0-12.

Supper DSTWO
R4i gold 3ds card
Ace3ds plus R4i gold pro
R4i-sdhc dual core
R4i-sdhc silver card
R4i 3d 2014

Their official website do not release the information which can directly support 3ds v6.3.0-12,but we have test the cards above cards can support 3ds v6.3.0-12 now.
If you want to buy some of these cards please kindly view

Gateway 3ds card—-Release 1.2: iQue and HK support

12 Sep

Gateway 3ds card has released the firmware V1.2.It is said this new update Support for iQue (China) and HK (Taiwan) region consoles.


More newest information you can kindly view here:
GW_Release 1.2: Support for iQue (China) and HK (Taiwan) region consoles has finally arrived !
The latest Blue card GW_Installer.nds will now prompt the user to select the correct region.
Consoles from the above regions will need to run the latest GW_Installer.nds.
Hardware Diagnostics and SPI reset:
Due to numerous issues primarily related to third party hardware, as of GW release 1.2 and onwards we have embedded a hardware diagnostics and verification routine into the Gateway Launcher.
This diagnostics mode is designed to:
1) Reset the GW onboard SPI FLASH. Should fix some “The game card has been removed” errors.
2) Sequentially test and verify the FPGA, SPI FLASH, and MicroSD functionality.
3) Stability verification of MicroSD cards. (Inserted into Red GW card)
For this reason we have provided a 1GB test file that should be written to the MicroSD card.
If this file is detected during the diagnostics test, the GW LED will flash a hue from blue to red depending on the detected read speed (Blue for fast and progressively changing towards Red for slow). The complete 1GB file will take up to 5 minutes to be verified, at which point the LED will turn constant green.
To enter into diagnostics mode, make sure you have the latest GW release build copied to your 3DS sd card. Hold down the “L” button while triggering the “Nintendo DS Profile” entry point. The 3ds will show black/gray screens with wifi / date and battery indicators on the top screen. Insert red GW card and press “L” to start the test.
Hardware Diagnostics sequence and LED colour meaning
Test 1. FPGA RED
Test 2. SPI write test YELLOW
Test 3. SPI read test TEAL
Test 4: SD
Blue = No valid SD data
White = Fat32 partition detected
Green = 3ds ROM header found (if you are still experiencing problems please download and write our GW_testrom to your micro SD, for a full read test)
When GW_testrom is detected on the micro SD, LED will flash hue from blue to red depending on the detected read speed, at the end of a full 1G successful read of the test file the LED should turn to constant Green.
If any test fails the diagnostics will halt on that test. (So if you start diagnostics and only see a constant RED, this means the FPGA is faulty and you should contact your reseller for a replacement. Constant RED,YELLOW or TEAL is idicative of a non user repairable fault)
Please note “The game card has been removed” error is most likely caused by rom data corruption, the diagnostics tools provided here were designed to offer the end user a way to verify his/her hardware setup, primarily rom writing, please ensure a full read test is performed using the GW_testrom file prior to contacting your reseller.

Check the download section HERE for all required files.

Cobra ODE will be released out very soon!

6 Sep

Do you know Cobra ODE?

It is a new design for ps3 console, a new item from cobra team,which is used to run game ISO’s from any PS3 without the need to restrict your console to running on a CFW. Cobra ODE is different from the past Cobra Team products ,it brings freedom of choice for the SEN, original games and functionality of the Cobra ODE without hassle or complication.

The new product has released for a long time but still not appear in the market!
Now the official website has released a good new:
04 – 09 – 2013 Cobra ODE News – Review

The first reviews of the Cobra ODE are starting to appear:

Sample have been sent to many other console sites and reviews will appear soon.

If you want to know more about this product you can view

Ace3ds plus cards can directly support 3ds v6.2.0-12.

6 Sep

Ace3ds plus card has long time no updating now.
But we know that the newest ace3ds plus can support the 3ds v6.2.0-12 now.
As the following news from the official website:

Our new ACE3DS PLUS/PRO can support N3DS v6.2.0-x perfectly!—2013.9.3

Ace3DS PLUS Highlight

2in1 Multiple function game card reader (Ace3DS PLUS included).
Fully compatible with the newest Wood firmware (Synchronously update).
Several built-in emulators including FC、SFC、ATARI、GBC、GB、MD、NEOGEO、PC-Engine, play different games.