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The video for R4i Gold 3DS Deluxe Edition – “emuNAND” feature released!

23 Nov

Great News for everyone!The r4i gold 3ds deluxe edition cards has release the update news!
The official website has released a vedio of “emuNAND” function:

This video demonstrate R4i Gold 3DS Deluxe card ‘s so called – “emuNAND” function!

Two new games – The Legend of Zelda – A Link Between Worlds / The Legend of Zelda – Kamigami no Triforce 2 (6.2.0E) and Batman – Arkham Origins Blackgate (5.1.0E) are running on 3DS “4.3.0-10 E” smoothly, and access eShop without any problem, at the end of video, 3DS console system is changed to “6.3.0-12 E”! yeah! We did it as promised! The new firmware V3.0 will be released very soon…

Again, one thing we would like to state it clearly: all coming new feature updates will come directly from our team( !

Watching Video here…
This Feature means the r4i gold 3ds deluxe edition card can play high version games above v4.5(like V6.3 and V5.0)on v4.1·v4.5 console.
More games can be play use r4i gold 3ds deluxe edition card,more game lovers will like this card.
Only r4i gold deluxe edition card own this special feature,and it is much cheaper than gateway 3d, so we think this card will be more popular than gateway 3ds in the future.

2014 r4i sdhc dual core card firmware update to V3.0 support 3ds V6.3!

22 Nov

The news from official wbsite the cards r4i sdhc silver rts card,r4i dual core card,r4i gold-pro card and r4i sdhc updater, r4i sdhc snoopy cards has all released the newest 2014 version, and the latest 2014 version card all can support 3ds v6.3.0.
More detail info. please view
The firmware has updated as follow:

■2013-11-21 2014 R4ISDHC UPGRADE kernel
updated to V3.0.
■2013-11-21 2014 R4ISDHC RTS LITE kernel
updated to V3.0.
■2013-11-21 2014 R4ISDHC Dual-Core kernel
updated to V2.0.
■2013-11-21 2014 R4ISDHC GOLD PRO kernel
updated to V2.0.
■2013-11-21 2014 R4ISDHC SNOOPY kernel
updated to V2.0.
Also the official website also note the fake card distinguish with the real card, always the cards from the are the genuine ones.
The old version 2013 has been stoped sold out,everyone please arppreciate for the 2014 new cards.

r4i sdhc 2014 version cards released out!

15 Nov

Good news for everyone!
With the chrismas steps near,more and more cards are ready to sell out in a good discount.
Just get the news from their card has all changed the new version to welcome the chrimas Day!


It is said that all old cards will be stop selling and no firmware update for these cards any more.And the new version cards will be sold out from Nov.15th.
The r4i-gold pro card,r4i dual core card,r4i sdhc silver card package has not changed much only released out two cards,r4i snoopy and r4i upgrade,acctualy speaking,I have not seen this two cards before.
And the r4i gold deluxe edition cards, here can get cheapest wholesale price.

Wholesale r4i deluxe edition from the official reseller !

13 Nov

Recently, The r4i gold 3ds deluxe edition card has been hotselling.
It can play 3ds games on 3ds console v4.1- v 4.5USE Firmware 2.0!
Firmware Spoofing.
Region Free.
So many features attract much game lovers, and more and more game lover want to enjoy the real feeling it brings.
So these card will be very popular in the future.
Now,this card sell out day by day and may be many lovers will confused that from where they can get the good quantity cards at a cheap price.
AS i know this card come from, always the official website reseller is reliable.
I viewed here ,a reliable wholesle website which listed on official website and offer good service and shipping fast,most of all the price ia competitive.
So if you want to buy this card please go

R4i Gold 3DS Deluxe Edtion latest update!

4 Nov

R4i gold 3ds Deluxe Edtion Card which can support 3ds games will be release out very soon!
Nowadays, the r4i gold team researchers are still develop theR4i gold 3ds Deluxe Edtion cards new firmware,the complete card will appear soon.

From the official website we can view the latest firmware released.


Hot news: Firmware 2.0 and Manuals Released!(2013-11-04)

Change Log:
1.Firmware Spoofing;
2.Region Free.

[Download Now]

Also You will see the manuals released out.This mean the r4i gold deluxe edition card has been test sucessfullly.The manual vedio will come out on yutube,please pay attention to view.
So exciting time,this power card will sell out very soon, just awaiting for the latest update,also from here you can get them in a very competitive price.

which 3ds game card will be the best one, gateway 3ds,r4i gold deluxe Edition or 3ds link?

2 Nov

After the gateway 3ds card released out!It attracked much game lover for its supportting 3ds game feature,though it is much more expensive than normal flash cards,also good quantity customer buy it and enjoy it play the 3ds games.It is the worlds first card which bring 3ds games pleasure.
And now the official website has released a new card r4i gold deluxe Edition which can play 3ds games, nearly the same featre as gateway 3ds card but cheaper than gateway 3ds.Maybe it come will bring some impact to gateway.


Today,the gateway update there info. as follow:

2.0 release and clones
Our work is close to completion, but as our users know, we care very much about quality and we won’t release our new firmware before it has been tested in depth and approved by our beta-testing team.
Besides better compatibility for the latest roms, we also have in the meanwhile started working on some new features that will surprise and please you all. There are many more good things to come in the future of Gateway 3DS and its users. The Future is Gateway 3DS !
On a side note, there has been a first clone announced under 2 different brand names.
We want to advise people interested in this product that it is a simple clone based on our 1.0 firmware (with all its limitations), with cheap Chinese design and components. It will inevitably fail and brick over time with or without updates as it is using our software which was not designed for their hardware.
By purchasing this device, you face the certainty of an unsupported and dead product before long. Please keep in mind the short life span of such products before going through a purchase, you might end up thinking you have been scammed.
We provide support and innovative features unprecented by any other team before, and we will continue doing so with firmware updates that everyone can enjoy.

We will be back soon with 2.0 firmware and more exciting news about the future of Gateway 3DS!

Now,3DS LINK also a new card which support 3ds game arrival.
These three similar cards may bring much confuse to much game lovers.
Which is the best one to play 3ds games?And which is the most economical one?
We hope the future maker will gve us a answer.
JUst wait for more information about these powerful cards