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R4I Gold deluxe edition firmware 3.1released out!

28 Dec

From the official website, we can viewed the deluxe edition firmware v7.1.0-14 has released out on Dec.28th.

Deluxe Edition firmware 3.1 is released ! (2013-12-28)

Deluxe Edition firmware V3.1 is released with emuNAND feature for 3DS 7.1.0-14.
[Download Now]


The new firmware v3.1 is more stable than the 3.0 firmware,and it also support emuNADA v7.1.0-14,the new firmware will also support more games and also bring more flesh feeling on 3ds roms, only one regret it still can not support multi-ROMS.

we hope more update about r4i gold deluxe edition will release from

R4i-sdhc dual core card newest firmware V3.1b support 3ds v7.1.0-14!

27 Dec

On Dec.25– the christmas day, the r4i-sdhc team has released the newest firmware for each card like:r4i sdhc dual core,r4i sdhc rts card,r4i sdhc gold pro.
This new firmware support the latest 3ds v7.1.0-14.
Please kindly view here to get more informaton from the official website:

■2013-12-25 2014 R4ISDHC RTS LITE kernel updated to V3.1b.
■2013-12-25 2014 R4ISDHC Dual-Core kernel updated to V3.1b.
■2013-12-25 2014 R4ISDHC GOLD PRO kernel updated to V3.1b.
■2013-12-25 2014 R4ISDHC SNOOPY kernel updated to V3.1b.
■2013-12-25 2014 R4ISDHC UPGRADE kernel updated to V3.1b.

We know the new firmware may be compatiable with much more games and the cards always keeping update.
We just awaiting more good information from there.

The gateway3ds firmware update to V2.0 b2!

25 Dec

Merry christmas!
The Gateway 3ds card really break the block before Christmas!
Follow is the detail information from the officialc website

News2.02b now available23/12/2013

First of all, thanks to everyone who has been testing our public beta.
We mentioned previously that we would have a solution against accidental updates, but we decided not to release this just yet.
While we did succeed in preventing accidental updates for our test 3DS unit, it took trial and error to get it in that state, and we bricked the unit many times before succeeding.
Ultimately we decided that it was too dangerous for public use right now.
For this release we have accumulated an insane amount of feedback after the initial release of Gateway v2.0b1 and have been hard at work the past weeks to further stabilize some of the new functionality. We are proud to present to you Gateway v2.0b2, the new public beta.

What’s new?

* Many stability improvements over previous beta release
* Full support for firmware 7.1 (including saving and emunand GW3D indicator, etc.)
Please note emunand is not essential for latest title compatibility!
For the time being we advise only those with adequate knowledge to attempt to update emunand to latest firmware and make sure you always have at least a hard backup copy of the system nand.
Consider this release as a stop-gap release before the 2.0 final, which will bring exciting new features that are currently being heavily tweaked and optimized.
Merry X-mas from the GATEWAY 3DS Team!
And remember: support the innovators, not the imitators!

It means the gateway 3ds card support emulate v7.1.
We really hope the multi-rom function, hope the whole firmware v2.0 will be released soon.
Please view here to get more latest information about the card.

3DS Card —MT-card released out!

24 Dec

Merry christmas day and another good news–MT-CARD,which support Multi Rom released out.

MT - CARDYou may be very amazing about this new card it can support Multi-rom and you can change roms easily when you play,it will bring much flesh and interested feeling that other cards can not bring.

Follow is the features of this card:

Hardware design of flexible, build-in CPU with card, upgradable new functions via USB.
Support multiROM, support SDHC card, support up to 256 games, selecting game in Menu or by pressing key.
Support FAT32, drag and drop, no need of diskimager.
Save to TF directly, no need of pressing home to backup SAVE.
Support SaveEditor, NAND-emulate and Card-dump soon.

It is really another revolution for 3DS flashcart,it also will always keep updating.
More information about it please keep attention on
We hope it will be come out very sooon!

which cards can directly support 3ds v7.1.0-14?

20 Dec

We know the 3ds firmware has updated to v7.0.0-13 last week.
Recently the 3ds firmware has updated to V7.1.0-14 now,
and this time also bring some changes:

Version 7.1.0-14U available via wireless Internet connection
includes the following improvements:

Improved system stability and usability:

Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been
made to enhance the user experience.
Alway everytime the 3ds firmware update always blocked some r4i cards,Let us see which cards can directly support 3ds v7.1.0-14.

After test, we know follow cards can directly support 3ds v7.1.0-14:

R4i gold 3ds rts cards from
r4i sdhc rts cards from
ace3ds plus from

DS TWO need to update to support 3ds v7.1.0-14,it need update patch v1.25, you can download the update patch from
We think more and more cards will be update and breal the block to support 3ds v7.1.0-14.
Please kindly check your cards, before the update patch released please do not update your console to 3ds v7.1.0-14.
Only your cards can support it you can update.

R4i Gold 3DS supporting the newest 3DS V7.0.0-13 directly !

10 Dec

Another great news from the official website
We viewed that the r4i gold 3ds can directly support the 3ds v7.0.0-13 now.


Follow is the information quote from the official website

R4i Gold 3DS supporting the newest 3DS V7.0.0-13 directly ! (2013-12-10)

3DS firmware updated to V7.0.0-13 , R4i Gold 3DS supports directly the newest 3DS V7.0 without any patch updating…

The christmas is coming,much children is waiting for their gift now.
r4i gold 3ds rts card will really be a great gift for your family, cheap price and powerful firmware , alsways fast ship from here , which card can instead of it now, the anaswer is none.
We hope more cards can break the 3ds v7.0.0-13 firmware block before the christmas.

R4i gold Deluxe Edition firmware 3.0 is released !

10 Dec

A wonderful Day for
Information from the official website that the deluxe edition 3.0 firmware has released out fininally with the emuNAND feature today.Now the emuNAND can support the game MH4,Legend of Zelda, but still can not play the popular game pokemon x/y and Animal Crossing this time, We belive the r4ids team powerful enough they will release new update very soon.


Also the released new said the coming firmware v3.1 with multiROM feature will release very soon before the christmas, after that we can play more games one time with r4i gold deluxe edition card.That is so amazing!
We know r4i gold deluxe edition bring us much surprise from it released out, the team always try there best to work out the update, in this case, it will be more and more powerful, and the cheaper price than gateway 3ds card,it will be anticipated in the future!