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3DS Firmware update to V7.1.0-15

24 Jan

The 3ds firmware updated again,we viewed this firmware update also just more stablity no much feature changed.
After tast we know following cards can directly support 3ds v7.1.0-15.

supercard dstwo
r4i gold 3ds

r4i sdhc 3ds rts

Ace3ds plus
r4i sdhc dual core

Like normal cards which support v7.1.0-14 all can support 3ds v7.1.0-15we will keep update once we checked the cards.
Py more attention on our website change

NewsGateway 3DS 2.0 multiROM teaser

23 Jan

Gateway released the reason about the brick case and they inform they will release the new feature very Soon.

The official website message as follow:

NewsGateway 3DS 2.0 multiROM teaser
Hello loyal Gateway 3DS fans! (you know who you are)
Today we will briefly take a break from our intense development cycles to present you with our latest progress on the MultiROM functionality for the Gateway 3DS 2.0 release. But first a few words from the team.
As you might have noticed, our milestones have been slipping a bit lately. The original release date for 2.0 was planned early january, but certain events have thrown a wrench into our schedule.
We are still investigating individual brick incidents reported by legitimate Gateway 3DS users. So far, many isolated brick incidents that were blamed on us have been debunked in one way or another and turned out to be associated with use of the clones modified versions of our official release files.
Now, without further ado; enjoy this quick teaser video of the upcoming Gateway 3DS ROM selection menu. As you might be able to tell we’re doing our best to tightly integrate this with the existing system and make the task of switching to a different game a pleasant and fast experience for all Gateway users.

It seems the
gateway 3ds cards team consider the brick problem because of the using of the clones modified versions.will the game players accept the statements.
Anyway,gateway 3ds cards is really a great card for 3ds rom now,we hope the new feature will released out ASAP.3ds card has

Beautiful and new style Iphone case wholesale

17 Jan

Hi Everyone:
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IPH314.jpg (1)



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Gateway 3ds cards update—Clones Blue Screen

16 Jan

Recently, More and more 3ds-rom cards released out!
Gateway 3ds cards always keeping the update, Yesterday, the team released a solution about the clone blue screen。


Information from the official website as follow:

We are investigating the issue about the recent blue screen bootrom error some users have reported, and we have discovered this is caused by memory corruption due to flawed copying or modifications of our official Launcher firmware.
We can reassure our users that our official (unmodified) Launcher firmware is free from such memory corruption and is 100% safe to use.
We specifically warn users to:

– Avoid clone Launcher firmware

– Avoid the region-free patches made by Normmatt

We have also heard the request for region free in Classic mode, and we will add this feature to our future firmware update
We feel sorry for the users that are affected by this error, but we have issued warnings in the past about the clone cards for this exact reason.
We pride ourselves to do thorough testing before release, the same cannot be said for our so-called “competitors”.

The gateway 3ds card Solved the blue scree, it will become more mature.

r4i gold deluxe edition card firmware 3.3 released!

10 Jan

DELUXE EDITIONGood news!We just get the information from official website
The r4i gold deluxe edition card has released out the firmware v3.3 which solved the problem of v3.2 and become more stable.
Please kindly view the information from here:

Deluxe Edition firmware 3.3 is released ! (2014-01-09)

change log:
1.Fixeds saving issues caused by V3.2
2.Increase the stability

Attention: Multi-rom will be supported in Ver4.0
[Download Now]

The official message also said the firmware v4.0 will release out with multi-Rom.
Hope the firmware v4.0 will released very soon, so we can play the 3ds games in one time.

Mt – card wholesale from

4 Jan

Mt-card,the newest 3ds card which can play 3ds roms and support Multirom has been released out on Jan.3th and it is available from several online store now.

Happy new year, all 3DS users

After half a year’s hard work, we finally decided to release our products in tomorrow: MT card
In the last couple of months, we had many times revision, correction, improvement of human design and functional

MT card support the following characteristics:

1)Support 3DS series consoles(Version v4.1 to v4.5)
2)Support MultiRom,selecting game in menu or by pressing key
3)Support FAT32, drag and drop, no need of diskimager
4)Save to TF directly,easy file exchange, backup and other features
5)product has a CPU built-in, and USB, convenient upgrade

following will be supported soon via USB upgrade

1)Support Animal Crossing ,Pokemon XY
2)Support NAND-emulate
3)Support SaveEditor
4)Support Screenshot
5)Support backup your own cartridges
6)More humanized functions

In later times, we will work harder for users to increase and improve the new function, we support unlimited updates
Please support the innovation

In my opinion,lots of gamers will very interested in this new card for its special feature and its amazing new feeling it bring us.
Just hope more features will released out and it support the Animal Crossing ,Pokemon XY
very soon.
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R4i gold deluxe edition card firmware v3.2 released out!

3 Jan

Happy new year everyone!
The r4i gold deluxe Editon have made the first update in the new year 2014.

The update news from the official website as follow:

Deluxe Edition firmware 3.2 is released ! (2014-01-03)

change log:
1.fix the saver issue
2.please check readme.txt attached firstly
[Download Now]

This new update will bring much more convenience to game lover,more stable and more smothly game time also can save games.
The r4i gold deluxe edition card always update so fast and it still work hard to make more progress.We hope it will update more feature.
More information about this card please kindly pay attention on here