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Gateway 3ds firmware 2.1 “OMEGA” will be released very soon!

31 Mar

From the gateway 3ds official website,Gateway 3ds card news updated,the gateway 3ds newest firmware 2.1 “OMEGA” will be released very soon!
From the information,gateway 3ds card will support multi-roms 3ds card and e-shop games will be supported.

This update will bring follow changes:

100% Game Compatibility
Multigame Support
Game Card Dumper
Gateway FPGA Update

Also they discuss some problem which gateway cards exist,they evaluate the feedback:
Many users have told us this is the most stable update so far. No hiccups, no lagging, no unexpected troubles.
Everything “just works”. This is what we strive for here at Gateway: Perfection.
* E-shop games
We would like to formally acknowledge that we are indeed working on supporting E-shop games, and we expect that this will be supported shortly.
* Counterfeit Regular SD and MicroSD Cards
Some users will notice the message “Fragmentation error” in the on-screen game select menu.
We believe in most cases this is due to fake MicroSD cards. In some cases this will not result in fragmentation error, but nonetheless corrupted data is read from the MicroSD card during the loading of a game and it will prevent the game from running correctly.
Counterfeit MicroSD cards will show up in your PC as a valid size, but in reality they are much less in size. They fake a filesystem and allow you to write files to it, but as you add more files to it, the MicroSD card will be silently overwriting data from previous files, resulting in data corruption.
We recommend our users to fully test their regular SD and MicroSD card with memory analysis tools such as:
– h2testw:
– f3:
Even the regular SD card where you place the Launcher.dat file on should be fully checked.
* Trimming
Some users try to trim game files, but this is a bit like gambling.
Sometimes it will work, sometimes it will not. For the best compatibility we recommend that users do not trim game files.
By trimming a game file, you are reducing its file size and it will not be fully allocated in the Gateway 3DS card.
This causes problems in particular when the update partition has been removed or when the savegame area has been removed for NAND savegame based games.
* Gateway Clone Cards
A few users have tried to enter Gateway mode but the Gateway card could not be detected. When the Gateway card can not be detected this is a very strong indication that you have been scammed by your reseller and have received a clone card.
You can visually inspect if you have a clone card by looking at the back of your Gateway 3DS Red Card, and looking at the middle pin on the bottom. If the middle pin is shorter than the other pins, then you have received a clone card.

The gateway 3ds card has break the 3ds games block, we hope the newest firmware will release very soon.Gateway 3ds card will become more and more popular.

Chanel,LV,Hermers,adidasi,phone 5 cases —hot selling now!

28 Mar

Hi everyone!Nice Day!
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Evo3ds card — a new card which suport the multi 3ds roms.

26 Mar

There is a new 3ds card comes out now,Evo3ds card—WHich can support the multi-3ds roms.

Evo3ds card which is different from some other flash cards like gateway 3ds and MT-card.It can support the newest 3ds roms like POKEMON Y.

Follow is the features:

-Multi-roms-Load eshop games
-Wifi Switch ON
-Load exploit without press L button
-EUR console in 4.5.
Emunand function in 7.X-NAND Save games compatible.
-5 menu items features (Guessing):
1. Classic Mode – Select Game – Backup retail games
2. Format Emunand
3. Nand Backup – Backup retail games
4. Play Backup Mode
5. Options

It Can support the latest POKEMON Y game,it is so amazing.This will attract much game lover’s eyes.
Since now this card still not come out,
It is still under development , the official site also has no information to update so far. So , we have to wait for more news about the card. However , you known , the MT card has similar functions as EVO3DS, such as multirom , emNAND 7.x, ESHOP etc. The big point of the difference is EVO3DS can play the popular Pokemon Y game. Then , MT-CARD is a good choice before the EVO3DS comes out.

Do you find some where to buy the newest iphone cases in cheap price?

17 Mar

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How to fix your r4isdhc dual-core White screen only show menu message bugs

13 Mar

Have you confused by this problem when you card insert into the console then the 3ds console Gets A white Screen?


Follow is a great solution to solve this problem of your r4i dual core card:

When you console bring white,That means the kernel/driver is missing on the micro SD or your micro sd card is not compatible . You can try following method to fix this problem :

1. Format your micro sd card or change a micro sd card.

2.Download the latest kernel firmware v3.3b from, unzip it,open the folder and copy the root files into your micro sd card


3. Insert your micro sd card to r4isdhc dual-core 3ds and put them together to your console and power on it

4. Click th icon and then you will enter the r4isdhc dual-core 3ds 3dsflashcart GUI

If your r4i dual core card is the latest one which can support 3ds v7.1.0, you can download the latest firmware and use above solution.

where to buy the mt-card in a wholesale price?

3 Mar

Hi Everyone!
We have viewed that the mt-card official website has update the good news of mt card firmware..


2014-2-18, THE mt-card has release follow news:
Thanks for your support.Our R&D team keep working hard on the firmware improvement, with continuous testing and evaluation, we decided to release the latest version hardware and firmware today. The update file contains software and hardware update programs, which will bring you new functions, better compatibility, more games and more TF card selection, details as below :

1.Hardware update(VIA USB)
1.1 Improve the compatibility of MT card with TF card
1.2 The build-in KEY enabled after the game icon showing finished

2. Software update( Launcher. Dat on SD card)
2.1 Support runing high version game Rom
2.2 Support NAND-emulate system ver 7.1.0, support official carts running on high version 3DS
2.3 Support official carts region free
2.4 Support NAND backup
2.5 Support ESHOP

3.we are trying to achieve targets for:

3.1 Support animal crossing ,Pokemon XY
3.2 Support saveEditor
3.3 Card dump

this new update mainly support the NADA-EMULATE VER7.10 Feature,so it is a good news for 3ds roms lover,It is mean they can play high version 3ds roms on the 3ds v4.1~v4.5 console.
And some also new features updated,we knoow the MT Card will become more and more powful, if you are intere sted in it please just view it form here