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R4I Deluxe Edition firmware 4.0B1 is released !

29 May

Great news!The r4i gold deluxe edition card has released out the newest firmware 4.0B1.

Please view the official website

And this update information as follow:

Deluxe Edition firmware 4.0B1 is released ! (2014-05-29)  

change log
Games Update:
1. V4.5+ Games
2. MH4

The coming firmware V4.0B2 will include the following:
1. Multi-ROM
2. EmuNand
3. Online Eshop
[Download Now]


From the information we can know the v4.0B2 will released out very soon and the r4i gold deluxe edition card will support multi-roms very soon.

Hope the new firmware released out soon.



Galaxy S3/S4/NOTE2/NOTE3 chanel Lego Quilted Case

28 May

Galaxy S3/S4/NOTE2/NOTE3 chanel Lego Quilted Case


New Style of iphone 5 cases,fashion and colourful.

with Contracted modelling, striked double C,Several colours for your choice,fashion and cool, it will be your best choice. suitable:Galaxy S3/S4/NOTE2/NOTE3


It is good choice for you.













This kind of case are also suitable for iphone 5/5s/4/4s , if you are interested in this case you can kindly view here .

Chanel chain Silicone iphone rhombus stripe hard case

28 May

Do you like chanel  cases?Do you still do not know where you can choose some nice iphone cases?

Here , i recommend you a nice style iphone cases as follow:


Chanel chain iphone  rhombus stripe hard case 


Brand new
Made of silicone , light and durable.
Simply snap on over the phone.
Protects your phone from everyday wear and tear while adding classic look to it.
Compatible with Apple iphone 4/4s/5/5s













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The top 10 popular iphone cases has released out!

26 May

Here, we’d like to recommend our top 10 iphone 5 cases from our online website.

Do you also like to protect your mobile phone by beautiful and useful cases,if that, follow is the best ones you can choose from us.

TOP1:Chanel Lego Quilted Case with Chain Holder for iPhone($4.2/PC for 10 pcs)

TOP2:Chanel chain Silicone iphone rhombus stripe hard case($5.2/PC for 10 pcs)

TOP3:Nail Polish Tentation Apple Iphone 5/ 4S/4 Tpu Soft Case($4.2/PC for 10 pcs)

TOP4:Latest iphone5s/5/4s chanel N5 perfume bottles TPU case($5.2/PC for 10 pcs)

TOP5:Chanel with double C iphone 5 silicone protective case($4.9/PC for 10 pcs)

TOP6:New Stylish Boy Chanel Bag Silicone Soft Case Cover for Iphone 5($4.9/PC for 10 pcs)

TOP7:Wholesale Chain miss Dior perfume iphone protector cases($5.5/PC for 10 pcs)

TOP8:Chanel iphone long chain pu protect case($5.9/PC for 10 pcs)

TOP9:Chanel iphone 5s/5/4s/4 double c made -up mirror protect case($5.2/PC for 10 pcs)

TOP10:chanel leboy package weaving chain iphone protect case($4.2/PC for 10 pcs)


Have you attracted by these  beautiful cases?


How to use mt-card to play GBA Games?

22 May

We know now the Gateway 3ds card can use the Multikernelv1.01  to play GBA Games on the blue card, recently the multi kernel v1.02 released out and MT-CARD can also play GBA games,It is so amazing to me.

Maybe you also do not know how to use the multikernel v1.02 to play the GBA games.


Below are the steps to tell you how to operate:

Firstly let’s know more about the Firmware function:

Functions of this MultiKernel:
1.DSI skin imitated,choose a icon just by tapping left/right botton
2.wood 1.62 for NDS game support.
3.Moonshell2.10 with full function supported
5.Emulators supported

The GBA emulator from multikernel firmware allow users to play gba games on n3ds/xl without buying anything extral.

To ues it play the GBA games you should prepare follow things:

a micro sd card,MT-Card blue card, N3DS/XL (system firmware version V4.1-4.5),one  gba game.

Step1:Download the  firmware multikernel v1.02 from here , upzip it, and you will see the files as below , copy all the files into your micro sd card

下载 (4)

Step 2.Insert your micro sd card into mt-card blue card and put them together to your N3DS/XL and power on nintendo console


Step 3. Click Icon and enter kernel v1.02 GUI


Step 4. Press direction key to choose GBA emulator


Step 5. Click the icon as pic shows


Step 6. Choose the GBA games and press key “A”


Step 7. Press A again,then the system will inform you following message


Step 8. keep on pressing key”A” ,till you see the game icon on top screen of N3DS/XL


If you still have no mt-card,recommend you buy it from

3DS Mt-card update steps from v1.3 to v1.4.

20 May

The MT-CARD firmware which has been updated to V1.4.
We know the newest firmware improves Eshop ROM compatibility and supports .3dz ROM .
So we all very want to enjoy the new feeling of the new firmware bring us.
Here we want to explain: how to update the MT-Card from V1.3 to V1.4.

Firstly:. Download latest hardware v1.4 from here .
Secondly:unzip it,open the folder


下载 (1)

Thirdly:Connect the MT-card to your PC with a USB cable the blue lamp of mt card will be lighting

下载 (2)

Fourthly:Click MT-Card updater to process the update in your PC

下载 (3)

Then:the system will ask you whether want update mt-card from v1.3 to v1.4

Finally: Press Y to confirm , after update finished, then you will update your mt-card to v1.4 successfully.

Mt-card Firmware v1.4!

14 May

The mt-card firmware updated:

Work with V.1.2 launcher.dat

Update features:
1. Enhance Eshop game compatibility
2. Support online play
3 Distinguish save files of .3ds game rom and .3dz game rom.

About online support
1. Supoorted roms: must use the latest dumper version to dump the roms, and the rom file extension is .3dz. Please note file name as .3ds is not supported.
2. For .3ds game rom, save file is .sav
3. For .3dz game rom, save file is .zav
4. For card 2 game roms, it is better not to rename the file extension, or it will cause backup error, in that case we can’t restore the game roms. It is better to backup the rom files.

The Mt-Card also support online play and more e-shop games support now.
Hope it will release more great feature soon.

which card can support the latest 3ds update?

14 May

We all know the 3ds system has been updated to V7.2.0-17 on May 13.
And this update nearly no much new changes and also no block any flash cards,After test,follow cards can directly support 3ds v7.2.0-17 now.

Supercard dstwo from
r4i gold 3ds from
r4i sdhc dual core from
r4i-sdhc 3ds
r4i gold pro
ace3ds plus

Maybe more cards will be support the newest firmware,We hope to get more information from them.

The Gateway 3ds card OMEGA 2.2 Evaluation!

14 May

The  Gateway 3ds card official website has released  the GATEWAY omega 2.2 Evaluation Released yesterday
Please view the follow detail  information:


We thank everyone for their praise and feedback regarding our latest firmware which brought homebrew and online play support.

With each new firmware update we prove to be unrivalled in our originality, ingenuity and support.
Innovation and fantastic product support are the key ideas that sets us apart from the imitators.
These key ideas are what ensure our community will prosper.

Yes, we heard the feedback about the save game mechanism, and we have plans to improve this and bring it to a whole new level of support.

Yes, we heard about the latest 7.2.0 system firmware, and there is no need to worry.
We have been working on the new encryption puzzle added by the later system firmwares but as they say, the proof is in the pudding.

And unfortunately the pudding is not ready yet, but we know it will be delicious.
This is our top priority right now so please bear with us while we stir and work our magic!
And as always, support the innovators not the imitators!

The most change are Homebrew and online play support which may loved by lots of people.
So we hope the gateway 3ds cards may bring more great changes for game players.

The 3ds update version v7.2.0-17 released out !

13 May

From  the  Nintendo official website news, the 3ds console firmware has updated to the latest  version V7.2.0-17.

Follow Is the original news:

3DS update version 7.2.0-17 out now

3DS update version 7.2.0-17 is now available.

Primarily, the firmware affects parental controls. Users can now register an email address with parental controls, and those who do so can send an email to themselves if the PIN is forgotten.

Aside from this, the 3DS’ stability and usability has been improved as well.

Read on below for the full patch notes.


Version 7.2.0-17U available via wireless Internet connection includes the following improvements:
Added new Parental Control features:

Parents can now register an e-mail address within Parental Controls
Parents that have registered an e-mail can send themselves instructions on unlocking Parental Controls if they have forgotten their Parental Controls PIN
Improved system stability and usability:

Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience



This update also no much changes,Looks like no more Eshop or settings access
System Settings, eShop, and the NNID Settings application were updated(all three of these applications now use the NCCH encryption added with 7.0.0-13).
The USA 0004009B00012302 USA title was updated, the other regions of that title were updated as well. The 0004001B00018002 title was updated. The NZone hotspot list was updated. NVer and CVer were updated. The mint and olv(Miiverse) applets were updated.
NATIVE_FIRM was updated. The following system modules were updated: cfg, HID, NIM, NWM, RO, NS, and act.


The r4i gold rts card and the supper dstwo card have been confirmed to support the newest 3ds v7.2.0-17 now.The other card still no tested.

Before you update your console,Please check your card whether support!