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New style COCO protect cases

28 Jun

This Is  a new style cases which  suitable for all the apple and samsung  phones.

It is color ful and many style for your choose




Products picture:


psb (1)

psb (2)

psb (5)

psb (8)psb (9) psb (9)

Nice and good quality!

R4i sdhc rts card firmware updated to V1.80B.

25 Jun

From the official website ,the r4i-sdhc card kernel has updated to v1.8b now.
Follow is the newest changes:

R4i V1.80b Update:1. Fix some RTS games white screen issues.
2. Fix some RTS games hang issues.
3. Fix some RTS games problem. 
4. Solved games:

XXXX – Gauntlet (US)
XXXX – Gauntlet (EU)
6290 – Transformers – Ultimate Autobots Edition (US)
6291 – Transformers – Ultimate Autobots Edition (EU)
XXXX – Akumajou Dracula: Gallery of Labyrinth(CN)
XXXX – Professor Layton en de Melodie van het Spook(CN)
XXXX – Kingdom Hearts(CN)
XXXX – Dementium2(CN)
XXXX – Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters (JP)
XXXX – Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 (EU)5. Solved RTS games: 
6368 – Beyblade – Metal Fusion (US)
6369 – Beyblade – Metal Fusion (US) (ToysRus Exclusive)
6370 – Beyblade – Metal Fusion(US) (Walmart Exclusive)
6371 – Beyblade – Metal Masters (US) (Best Buy Exclusive)
6372 – Beyblade – Metal Masters(US) (Collectors Edition)
6373 – Beyblade – Metal Masters (US) (Target Exclusive)
6374 – Beyblade – Metal Masters(US) (ToysRus Exclusive)
6384 – Lera Glaciale 4 – Continenti alla Deriva – Giochi Polari(IT)
XXXX – Apprends avec Pokemon: A la Conquete du Clavier ‍(FR)
XXXX – Suite Precure Melody Collection‍ (JP)
XXXX – Lernen mit Pokemon – Tasten-Abenteuer (GE)‍


More games Can be played on the r4i sdhc rts cards now.

Please view more information from here

K3ds card which can play 3ds and ds games!

25 Jun

There is a  NEW 3ds card —-K 3ds card which can play 3ds games and ds games  in only one card.

From the official website,The  k3ds card is  said the first  2 in 1 card which can play the 3ds games, follow is more information from there official website.




  • Supports all ROMs to date including WiFi (also Scene dumps)
  • One Card, 2 modes (DS & 3DS mode in one card)
  • Hardware switch for changing between DS and 3DS mode
  • USB Upgrade
  • 4GB storage included in card
  • Homebrew launcher included
  • Supports MicroSD cards up to 64GB storage (FAT32)
  • Independend Game Kernal and FW upgrade
  • eShop ROM Dumping
  • EmuNAND with 7.2 support
  • 3 different languages included
  • No Cheat Engine

Do you support NDS/ NDSi/ NDSi LL, too?
Yes, we want deliver two shells – one at DS size and one at 3DS size. The PCB fits in both well. That is because 3DS users may want to have a 3DS shell but it doesn’t fit into NDS/ NDSi.

Why do you show PCB pictures of a competeting product?
We don’t want to reveal our completely new hardware to cloners and Nintendo yet. Real pictures of the PCB will come very soon. Please be patient.

Which software will be used for the DS mode?
Currently we plan to make a fast boot kernel which includes a wood kernel. But our priority lays on 3DS mode.

Why do you include 4GB storage?
The card has to store both: DS menu and 3DS menu. In addition to that, the 4GB can be usefull for future API. So not the full storage will be avaible for user.

How much will it be?
We plan to make the final price to about 99$ for each costumer.

When will this card be avaible?
We plan to release it in late july.

Why didn’t you release a video?
The tech team is working hard on the firmware, but currently it’s very slow and has random bugs. Please understand that we can’t show the menu at this state of development. In addition to that, it might reveal things we don’t want to show yet.

Does your flashcard work with firmwares higher than 4.5.0?
Currently not. But we included 4GB storage for future plans.

However: Please don’t preorder yet.

15.6.2014: Unexpected leak of our website and card
Due to an unexpected leak of our revolutionary card, we had to reveal our website, which is still under construction, much more earlier. Please remind this when informing yourself about our great new flashcard.
Our hard working engeniers will reveal more information soon. In addition to that, we plan to sent samples of our card to professional reviewers soon. Please stay tuned.

30.05.2014: The release of our revolutionary new product: The K3DS card.
As of today, our revolutionary new Product, the K3DS, developed by an European Team, is announced. We thank again our incredible Tech Team for their hard work over the past months.
Please make sure that you only buy a K3DS at one of the offical resellers at our WhereToBuy list. Other pages could sell you fakes.

If you want to know more about the K3ds card, please view here 

chanel double color electroplate building block iphone 5 cases

17 Jun

chanel double color electroplate  building block iphone 5 cases  

Product features:

Hard cases and metal design

Fashion and luxury

easy carry and  take out and put in freely

protect your iphone perfectly

Suitable for iphone 5



psb (21)

psb (20)

psb (16)

psb (6)

If you are interested more , please view here .

CK TPU perfume bottle colourful iphone cases

12 Jun

The Newest hot selling  iphone cases are available now from our online store.

CK TPU perfume bottle colourful iphone cases


psb (1)

psb (4)

psb (6)

psb (15)


psb (17)

psb (20)


psb (21)

psb (38)



It is really a very beautiful and nice iphone cases, looks fashion and luxury,it is made by TPU and suitable for iphone 4 and iphone 5.

It worthy your purchasing , if you are interested in the iphone cases, please view here


Will this one be your favorite cases?

11 Jun

Nice Day!There are so many new cases show on our website, have you viewed?

New products show, if this one is your favorite, please just choose it from us.


Product 1. Chanel mixed colour TPU iphone 5 cases wholesale

psb (13)

psb (12)


This Kind of case are made by TPU and it has several colors to choose, suitable for  iphone 5, looks fashion and simple.

Product 2:wholesale chanel crocodile with jewel long chain protect cases

psb (11)

psb (32)


This Kind of case are made by leather and it seems like crocodile , suitable for iphone4 , iPhone5 ,samsung s4 ,note2 note3,So beautiful and fashion and luxury.


We will keep update the newest products, if you are interested in more our products please do not hesitate to view here.

More new style cases hot selling on!

5 Jun

More great iphone cases are hot selling now, they are fashion and luxury style.

Chanel double color electroplate building block iphone 5 cases


Wholesale Chanel lambskin right-left open sumsang s5 case

psb (23)


wholesale SAMSUNG GALAXY S5 LV dermal phone cases

psb (22)



For  more information please view our website