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Brand New iPhone 6 & Plus Cases Instruction

28 Sep

Hey, friends. Do u get a iphone 6 or its older brother iphone 6 plus? Or pre-order successfully?  u Must  treasure it so much  so why not buy a brand new LV Leather Case Diamond Logo Mirror inside? Believe it will fit your spoil baby iphone 6 1000% and provide the best production for him.

Color: sever colors for choose

Material: leather

Compatible Model: iPhone 6


  • Brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging.
  • With coriaceous softness, fine workmanship, perfect for iphone 6
  • Fashionable, elegant, beautiful, unique ,and stylish.
  • Ultra-thin fuselage, non-slip surface design, easy to carry
  • Protect your Apple phone from scratches, shocks and collisions hole accuracy, keep camera, headphones, switch machine according to the health, the volume and speakers

Gateway 3ds Omega 2.3b Released

15 Sep

After a week test beta 2.3b, gateway 3ds released the omega 2.3b to public. Hearing the inspiring news it is true that gateway brings game compatibility back to 100% and want to keep it that way! Download  omega 2.3b from official download section.

Gateway is always the first and best 3ds flash, supporting 8.1 emunand, eShop,7.x encryption games, 7.x encryption applications (tested youtube), but can not support GBA games. GATEWAY team is looking for problems and is keeping make progress, finding out resolutions.

* We have noticed that some recent games have started to use features only present on System Firmware 7.x or higher.
Firmware spoofing no longer works for these games, and emunand is currently required for these games to run.

* Classic mode will only boot emunand 8.x or higher if you have a genuine Gateway card inserted. You can still continue without, but
support for emunand 8.x or higher will not work.

Now Gateway think above limitation as a issue that can be solved just time being. All in all, gateway 3ds is the best 3ds game card for 3ds version 4.1~4.5. AS always ENJOY!