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iPhone 6 Plus Case Trend

30 Oct

Top 1

New Pattern Chanel Leather Case Diamond Mirror Inside for iPhone

New Pattern Chanel Leather Case Diamond Mirror Inside for iPhone

Top 2

Brand New LV GUCCI iPhone 6 (4.7&5.5)Leather Business Style Case

Brand New LV GUCCI iPhone 6 (4.7&5.5)Leather Business Style Case


Top 3

LV&GUCCI Triple Fold Leather Business Style Case iPhone 6

LV&GUCCI Triple Fold Leather Business Style Case iPhone 6

Which Card support 3DS System Latest 9.2.0-20?

30 Oct

The latest system update for the Nintendo 3DS family of handheld systems is now available. By connecting your device to the Internet you’ll be prompted to download the minor version 9.2.0-20 U update, which makes behind-the-scenes adjustments to the system stability and user experience.Which card do support 3ds 9.2.0-20? After many tests, r4i gold 3ds rts, supercard dstwo, r4i sdhc rts,ace3ds plus

For the new coming SKY3DS, official site published news that

We’ve tested and confirmed that, SKY3DS can support the newest update – V9.2.0-20U/E/J. (10/30/2014)

Whatever, sky3ds featuring working on any 3ds version is worthy our expect because it allows us to play 3ds games with whatever our 3ds system version, no needing version 4.5 to 4.1 limit.

For Gateway 3DS
It’s a little pacth of 3DS ystem,if you use the Gateway 3DS or other 3DS flashcart,(r4i Gold 3DS deluxe,MT Card,3DSLink) Please don’t upgrade your 3DS system 9.2.0-20,Please waiting the offical news about this new firmware.

Wholesale Genuine R4i gold 3ds RTS card3DS 9.x hacked!! Sky3DS Support to Play ANY 3DS games roms on ANY Versions of 3DS/3DSXL

How to set up sky3ds for 3ds 6.3.0/7.1.0/8.1.0/9.1.0?

29 Oct

SKY3DS one revolution product allow you to play 3ds games no matter what your nintendo system version but behave like real game card.

The set up tutorial is as easy as ABC. Buy SKY3DS for Child Gift or Coming Christmas Booming!

First, one has to find a site that hosts ROM files—game data ripped from a cartridge and uploaded to a computer—to download and put on a MicroSD card. The rest is easy:

1. Insert the MicroSD card loaded with games into the flashcard.

2. Pop the flashcard into your 3DS and power on.

3. Select your game and open it.

Q&A about Sky3ds first 3ds card for any Nintendo System

29 Oct

Revolution SKY3DS will hit the market in one or two weeks, will get the first batch for pre-order customers.

You can play any 3ds games with SKY3DS and whatever your console version is, for 3ds/3dsxl/dsi/2ds. More, it is easy to use by just drop and drag the downloaded ROMs in MicroSD card by the Disktool we provided, and enjoy it.  Here clear many problems for us customers.

3DS 9.x hacked!! Sky3DS Support to Play ANY 3DS games roms on ANY Versions of 3DS/3DSXL

Q: I have a new 3ds with the firmware 9.1.0-20J version. your new flashcard can work on this version or not?
A: Yes, Sky3DS card can support the newest 3DS V9.1.0-20J version.

Q: Does the sky3ds support all of the 3DS games? can this flashcart work on NEW 3ds?
A: Yes, It can play all of 3DS games, and support the New 3DS console.

Q: Can this flashcart play 3ds game online ? ex : pokemon and doing a wonder trade or battle with people online.
A: Yes, Sky3DS card can play 3DS game online as a genuine gamepad did, can also save,load,edit etc….

Q: Does it require special thing to do first before using SKY3DS?
A: Don’t need to do any special thing, just drag and drop the downloaded ROMs in MicroSD card by the Disktool we provided, and enjoy it.

Q: Does the sky3ds have emunand? Also will there be a region unlock? So I can play games on my EU 3DS from Japan or US?
A: No, don’t need any emunand at all, it can support any 3DS system version even the newest V9.1.0-20J version. Because it’s region locking like a real gamepad, you can’t play US or JP’s games on your EU 3DS console.

Q: What’s that mean – “ten 3DS games maximum per SKY3DS card”?
A: You can choose to copy any 10 games into your microSD card at the first time, you do need more SKY3DS cards if you want to play more 3DS games anyway.

Q: Does saving work on games like Animal Crossing, Pokemon X and Y,also does this allow cheats and homebrew?
Yes,you can save, reload, edit on any 3DS games as a genuine gamepad did. Sorry, no cheats, no homebrew at the moment.

Q: I want to know when this card will be in sale and where to buy it?
A: We will release our SKY3DS card within 1~2 weeks, you can buy it from one of our resellers online.


SKY3DS Hack Nintendo 3DS Gives you Easy Access to Illegal Games

29 Oct

What is the Sky3ds flash card?
First look at the video

Sky3ds is supported by which has already shows off a new cartridge that, when inserted into the 3DS handheld, lets you play illegally downloaded games with the touch of a button. It’s called the Sky3DS, and it’s the latest so-called “flashcard” that lets gamers play pirated games without paying a cent.

How is the sky3ds prospect?

The curse is broken that your 3ds version must be 4.5 to 4.1 when you want to play 3ds games and More and more game user are trending to 3ds kingdom, many of them wait this history revolution for about 2 years.

The 3DS was the top-selling console in America last year, with more than 11.5 million units sold since its 2011 release. In total, the 3DS has sold more than 44 million units worldwide The Sky3DS, though a niche product that needs to be ordered online, could cut into game sales that last year alone amounted to more than 16 million games globally. Games cost anywhere from $29.99 to $49.99 in the United States.
To put Nintendo’s problem in perspective, illegal downloads of last year’s popular Pokemon X and Y games have exceeded 527,000 on a popular ROM site, according to publicly available stats. For a thought experiment, imagine if each of those downloads represented a unique user who could have bought the games for $39.99 a pop: That’s a potential (if exaggerated) loss of $21,074,730 in revenue from two games alone.

Sky3ds flashcard can work on any 3ds console for playing 3ds games directly, including the latest version 9.1.0-20!! We shop will be the first to receive the first batch sky3ds flash card, welcome pre-order or ask some question to

3DS 9.x hacked!! Sky3DS Support to Play ANY 3DS games roms on ANY Versions of 3DS/3DSXL

Chanel iPad 2/3/4/Mini Leather Case

27 Oct

Chanel Apple MINI/2/3/4 with diamond lond chain protect case perfectly, only $7 available. Any problems welcome to email



Case Brand: CHANEL
Color: Seven colors available (black/white/red/pink/rose red/Purple/ )
Material: leather
Compatible Model: ipad Mini/2/3/4/Air

brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging.
With sleep function, coriaceous softness, fine workmanship, perfect for ipad Mini/2/3/4/Air
Fashionable, elegant, beautiful, unique ,and stylish.
Creative design, multi-angle folding, transform freely easy to operate
Ultra-thin fuselage, non-slip surface design, easy to carry
Protect your ipad from scratches, shocks and collision hole accuracy, keep camera, headphones, switch machine according to the health, the volume and speakers
Port covers keep out dust and debris so you can carry your device worry-free in most environments

MT- Card First Card Supporting SaveEdit &EXfat SD

17 Oct

MT-Card team released the hardware&software ver2.0 to all us 3ds fans, which means it is MT CARD that the first 3ds card to support SaveEdit and EXfat Micro SD card. If u have the Mt card, u can update your mt card to latest firmware 2.0 then can enjoy these Roms.


Further, it is available now you can use a EXfat format and larger capacity
MicroSD card, up to 128G,which allows you drop and drag many roms as you wish.
MT Card update also support Homebrew now and more easy to distinguish 3DZ and 3DS by games icon will appear the screen.UP and DOWN to select roms, L and R to turn page.

In a word, with hardware&software v2.0, Mt card is good at SaveEdit, them being working more 3ds games/roms so that if we buy a mt card, we can play more free 3ds games by downloading the roms from mt official. Btw, Gateway 3ds does better in emunand high 3ds version like 7.1.0, 8.1.0 then it enables us that we can play more ds games which request the higher version 3ds version. It is a bonus that we only have a 3ds or 3ds xl version between 4.5 to 4.1, we can still play the 8.1.0-19e version popular games AND meanwhile the Eshop, bank is available with Gateway 3ds. So think twice which features you really like better, then make a choice to buy Mt card or gateway 3ds. Thx.

3ds MT-card

3DS Ver 9.0.0-20 Support flashcard List

17 Oct

Nintendo released the 3ds newest latest firmware 3ds 9.0.0-20 live out now.Home menu themes can be customized and controlled by tapping on a new menu icon located in the upper-left corner of the lower screen on the Nintendo 3DS.

Any interest in know the Nintendo Previous 3DS system updates include:

1. Version 8.1.0-19U (August 7, 2014)
2. Version 8.1.0-18U (July 24, 2014)
3. Version 8.0.0-18U (July 7, 2014)
4. Version 7.2.0-17U (May 12, 2014)
5. Version 7.1.0-16U (February 26, 2014)
6. Version 7.1.0-15U (January 22, 2014)
7. Version 7.1.0-14U (December 19, 2013)
8. Version 7.1.0-13U (December 9, 2013)
9. Version 6.1.0-12U (July 11, 2013)

Also share the compatibility of R4 Card works with 3DS 9.0.0-20

R4i SDHC 3DS RTS (with kernel 1.80B (unnecessary to upgrade)
• Supercard dstwo (with the firmware v1.23 )
r4i Gold 3DS RTS (with the firmware wood r4 v1.64 firmware)

• Ace3ds Plus (after 2013.09.03) cheapest one $3.8/pcs

• 2014 R4isdhc RTS Lite,2014 R4i dual-core,2014 R4i gold pro (The Gold),2014 R4isdhc Snoopy (The red),2014 R4isdhc Upgrade (The purple) kernel 3.5B works on 3DS 9.0.0-20(old can’t works)

Last but not the least, really would like to give us advice about the 3ds update 9.0.0-20.
For the R4 Card Users:
if your current 3DS/2DS system is lower than 6.2.0. You should upgrade your R4 Cards first.
if your 3DS system version beyond 6.2.0 You can upgrade your 3ds system to 9.0.0 directly.
if you use the gateway 3ds and other 3DS game flashcarts. Don’t upgrade. More details please check my another blog.

Nintendo 3DS Update to 3DS 9.0.0-20 Block R4i Gold 3DS RTS?

17 Oct

3DS system has updated to version 9.0.0-20 on Oct 6th by Nintendo team. Is there any big changes? What about the compatibility? Does it block r4i gold 3ds revolution? There are some other flashcards that work with 3ds 9.0.0-20 perfectly?

R4i gold 3DS for 3DS V9.0.0-20 / DS / DSL / DSi / DSi XL V1.4.5
In order to solve all these confusion, learn more about 3ds 9.0.0-20.
Updated 3ds to 9.0.0-20, allowing 3DS owners to use themes to customise both the design and sounds of the HOME Menu.
Details Changelog is below,
• Users can now use themes to customize the design and sounds of the HOME Menu
• Five themes are pre-installed and additional themes can be purchased from the Theme Shop
• Themes can be changed by using settings located within the HOME Menu settings
• A feature has been added that allows users to capture screenshots of their HOME Menu
• The Nintendo eShop Title Information page has been updated to provide easier access to any available videos, demos, user reviews, and other information
So continue to solve afterward problems, good news to r4i gold 3ds owners or preparing to buy it, our regular R4i Gold 3DS supports directly the newest 3DS V9.0.0-20 without any patch updating…The R4i Gold(R4i gold 3DS) Cartridge is the current top of the line in DS SLOT-1 flash carts with wood firmware, proving that one and once again by 3ds version update.

More, after us many and many times tests, Ace3ds plus, supercard dstwo and r4i sdhc rts can work with 3ds 9.0.0-20 directly, more info please check


Chanel Rose Pattern Double Chain Leather Case for iPhone 6(4.7&5.5)

10 Oct

heartheart  Chanel exquisite rose pattern leather case, available $10!!!heartheart

heartheartheartGood gift for Coming Christmas!heartheartheart





Christmas Coming and it is probably that you or your friends have bought a iPhone 6 or iphone 6 Plus on hand. Why not buy a Chanel rose double chain case for better protecting cherish phone? Why not buy a charm hand-made Chanel leather case as a little Christmas gift for your friend?

• Amazing Quality Case For iPhone 6 in Stock !1000% Perfect Fit !!!
• Compatible with Apple iPhone 6 4.7inch& iphone 6 plus 5.5inch
• Different Colors to Choose From
• case is Combined with 2 chains, both exquisite for hand-hold or trippy
• The Case is Very Beautiful with Chanel logo button Design and color Supply
• Easy to wear, Allowing all Functions to the Phone
• Free Shipping to anywhere in the Worldwide.

Chanel Double Chain Rose Leather Case for iPhone 6 4.7 &5.5