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Gateway 3DS ultra 3.0 The Best 3DS Card for 3DS Console

17 Jan

Gateway 3ds is indeed the first and the best 3ds card for 3ds console sysnand ver 9.2~4.1, playing for both .nds games and .3ds games. Gateway 3ds ultra 3.0 is a new firmware more powerful than omega 2.x , allowing you to play 3ds games on your above 3ds ver 4.5 all the way up to 9.2.0. It is the big revolutionary that gateway ever made.


Show you what breaking features the gateway 3ds can bring to us.

Playing almost all Top 3DS and DS games.

Gateway 3ds has a good game compatibility, supporting almost all the top games up to date. With the surprise ultra 3.0, you can enjoy the gateway features by your console version from 4.1 to 9.2. With the blue card, you can also play NDS games. Is that cool, right? If you buy one gateway 3ds, you can play both 3ds and ds games. If so, it save you a lot of money.

Region -free Playing all region games 

If your console is US, you can’t play latest game MH4 JA game, but with gateway 3ds you can play any 3ds games no matter what the games region is and it is attractive features for most 3ds users because the download games are told the wrong region for source mistake then we try many times it still doesn’t work. That is boring!! And it is good to play any latest 3ds games from other region.

MutiROM and In Menu Changing Games

Gateway 3ds support MutiRoms. It is very helpful. You can put N games as you wanna in a MicroSD card, never needing bring many card with you. It is easy to select the game in the menu by clicking the left or right button.

Emunand Higher 3DS Console version

Now Gateway 3ds support 3ds version 4.1 ~9.2 and you may worry that you can’t play the latest games because of the system version. Not worries at all, gateway 3ds has the emunand features. It’s more or less like a Virtual Machine on your computer, as the 3DS nand contain the 3DS OS. So you can run a “3DS 9.4.0-21” on 3DS 4.5 system. That’s very powerful, so you can enjoy almost all the 3DS games without system limit problem. EmuNand is very easy to setup.

Support Online play, Hombrew.

Gateway 3ds official features,

Support 3DS(XL,LL),2DS 4.1~9.2
Support all 3ds game to date
Multi-rom support: means you can put more than one game roms into your SD card and play it.
Multi-rom Menu support: means you can select one game to play in menu
EmuNand support: means you can play V9.4.0-21 3ds games on your 3ds V4.5~9.2 system even through your console version is 4.5~9.2
Region free: means there have no restriction for you to play games which region are different from your console, so if the card has this features, you can use the card play Japanese games on your American 3DS console.
Support 3DS/GBA/DS games with two cards called gateway blue card and gateway red card.
exFat & Fat32 support
Multi language support
3DS Game cart backup
eShop and online play support
Cartridge is made of high-quality plastic

Where to buy the original Gateway 3ds? is N01 SOURCE for dealers, retailers and distributors. 100% risk free, 100% satisfaction Guarantee!!

10pcs ~~$59.0/pcs and 100pcs  $52.0/pcs.

Latest: SKY3DS VS Gateway, Which is Better to Buy?

20 Nov

The 3DS flashcart market has been dominated by Gateway  practically since its dawn. However, it never hack the nintendo 3ds 4.5 version and or rather cumbersome process of using the DS Mode exploit, which by nature required the user to use two cartridges – one for the exploit installation, the other for the games themselves. Here comes  SKY3DS, a brand-new solution for all your backup needs.

Latest news no longer 3 days after SKY3DS come to the market, the gateway released that support 9.2.0 soon. That is  so quick and are you excited? But it is regret that it is true until now.  So we would like to compare the real features for you reference to make the decision.

First of all, compatibility. Gateway 3ds works on the 3ds console 4.5 ~4.1, but can emunand 9.2.0 with omega 2.5. While sky3ds can work on any 3ds system version, even latest 3ds 9.2.0-20, 2ds , new 3ds(LL). That is the OUTSTANDING features, allowing 90% of 3ds gamers enjoying 3ds games without buying a new expensive console.

For MutiRom support. Both of cards can do well. As for online play, edit games, back up games, gateway has already done them well and SKY3DS promised that it will support save/backup games in next week.

At last but not the least, gateway has no region lock and 10 games limit but sky3ds has these shortcoming. However,  heard from gbatemp there released the SKY3DS  hack 10 games limit by special operation. The proof video there for more persuasion.

After all this comparsion,  if your console is 4.5, gateway is good to buy for cheaper than SKY3DS  and if your console is not between 4.1 to 4.5,

SKY3DS flashcard is your only option for playing 3ds games. Buying  sky3ds  for Christmas gift is wonderful.







Gateway SUPPORT FOR FIRMWARE 9.0 – 9.2 natively COMING

20 Nov

As for the amazing SKY3DS  hits the market, breaking the all 3ds console for playing any 3ds games. Gateway 3DS  fight back with supporting  firmware 9.0-9.2 natively soon.

It is really a milestone that gateway break 3ds ver 4.5 limit and allowing native system 5.0 user to enjoy 3ds games soon. Of course gateway 3ds will support 2ds and new 3ds console. That reminds us of the amazing SKY3DS flashcard.

But the approach of gateway seems a little different. Gateway lets us native System Firmware 5.0 or higher, then please update to 9.0.0-20, 9.1.0-20J or 9.2.0-20 and stay on this version. Do not update beyond this version. then coming firmware GW 2.7 or 2.7b break that 3ds version to make it possible that we can play 3ds games.

Buy gateway 3ds or SKY3DS from wholesale online shop


MT- Card First Card Supporting SaveEdit &EXfat SD

17 Oct

MT-Card team released the hardware&software ver2.0 to all us 3ds fans, which means it is MT CARD that the first 3ds card to support SaveEdit and EXfat Micro SD card. If u have the Mt card, u can update your mt card to latest firmware 2.0 then can enjoy these Roms.


Further, it is available now you can use a EXfat format and larger capacity
MicroSD card, up to 128G,which allows you drop and drag many roms as you wish.
MT Card update also support Homebrew now and more easy to distinguish 3DZ and 3DS by games icon will appear the screen.UP and DOWN to select roms, L and R to turn page.

In a word, with hardware&software v2.0, Mt card is good at SaveEdit, them being working more 3ds games/roms so that if we buy a mt card, we can play more free 3ds games by downloading the roms from mt official. Btw, Gateway 3ds does better in emunand high 3ds version like 7.1.0, 8.1.0 then it enables us that we can play more ds games which request the higher version 3ds version. It is a bonus that we only have a 3ds or 3ds xl version between 4.5 to 4.1, we can still play the 8.1.0-19e version popular games AND meanwhile the Eshop, bank is available with Gateway 3ds. So think twice which features you really like better, then make a choice to buy Mt card or gateway 3ds. Thx.

3ds MT-card

Gateway 3ds Omega 2.3b Released

15 Sep

After a week test beta 2.3b, gateway 3ds released the omega 2.3b to public. Hearing the inspiring news it is true that gateway brings game compatibility back to 100% and want to keep it that way! Download  omega 2.3b from official download section.

Gateway is always the first and best 3ds flash, supporting 8.1 emunand, eShop,7.x encryption games, 7.x encryption applications (tested youtube), but can not support GBA games. GATEWAY team is looking for problems and is keeping make progress, finding out resolutions.

* We have noticed that some recent games have started to use features only present on System Firmware 7.x or higher.
Firmware spoofing no longer works for these games, and emunand is currently required for these games to run.

* Classic mode will only boot emunand 8.x or higher if you have a genuine Gateway card inserted. You can still continue without, but
support for emunand 8.x or higher will not work.

Now Gateway think above limitation as a issue that can be solved just time being. All in all, gateway 3ds is the best 3ds game card for 3ds version 4.1~4.5. AS always ENJOY!

Gateway 3ds cards released news of newest firmware to support V8.0.0-18.

9 Jul

From the official website , the gateway 3ds card teams will release the great news to support the newest  3ds v8.0.0-18.




Latest system update 8.x—Posted on July 8, 2014


You may have noticed that system firmware 8.0.0 has recently been released.

We have analysed this update and we want to advise our users the following:
– Currently do not update emunand to this version as it will not boot.
Old emunand versions (7.x or lower) will keep booting fine.
If you did update emunand, do not worry. Our next firmware update will bring your updated emunand back to life.
– This update uses the same encryption as 7.x, only applied to more system processes which prevents emunand booting.
– We are still on track on getting our next firmware out, this update does not change much in our game plan.
Thank you for your patience once again and as always ENJOY.

After the 3ds firmware update to the latest firmware v8.0.0-18, Maybe many cards may block by the 3ds firmware,but the supper dstwo cards and r4i gold rts card and the ace 3ds plus card can directly support the 3ds firmware v8.0.0-18 now.
Hope the gateway 3ds card will release newest firmware soon.

Gateway 3ds card will update to support 7.X.

2 Jul

From the official website news:

The gateway 3ds cards will support to the  3ds v7.x  and the staff are working hard to develop the  newest is said the good news will released out very soon.



We have recently reached a major milestone regarding the 7.x encryption. We can say with certainty that we will soon be running 7.x games and 7.x applications (like eShop, PokeBank and YouTube) in our labs.

We can already say that this will be possible with the current gateway hardware and will be supported in the form of a regular firmware update.

Some people might think we’re overcautious with releasing new firmware updates and holding stuff back.

But we would like to reiterate once again that quality assurance and smooth product experience is on the top of our lists. We really take our time to test everything as much as we can.

There’s a bunch of other (interesting) developments going on besides the 7.x encryption fix at the moment; but we will brief you guys about them in a later (more lengthy) news update. Most questions we get at the moment are 7.x related, so this one will be released out as soon as possible.


now , all the 3ds cards like  r4i gold d eluxe  edition , mt-card, gateway 3ds card just can support v4.1~v4.5,and if the gateway 3ds card can firstly support the 7.v, it will attract much eyes and it will be the first card which can play 3ds v7.x games.

Hope this good new come out  soon!