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Which cards can directly support the 3ds v8.0.0-18.

8 Jul

The 3ds firmware has been updated to the newest version v8.0.0-18 on July 8th.

Looks like a new 3DS update has struck again, and this one looks to be about security fixes. The change log is below, although it’s not really much. Introducing Nintendo 3DS version

Some users are reporting that Nintendo DS flash chips are still functional after the update, including the Supercard DSTwo.


Follow cards has been released to directly support 3ds v8.0.0-18 now.

Supper DStwo card

R4i gold rts card


Maybe this update as before has not block any  more cards, the flash cards are so powerful so the 3ds update no effect on them.Anyway  we hope more good news come from other cards.

So perfect! The Google Super artifact re-exposure X Phone

11 Mar

I believe that many users are concerned about the dynamic of the X Phone.Right!it under being stressful test, now U.S. media given the latest news that the aircraft will certainly debut at this year’s Google I / O conference (15-17 May,2o13 ).

Someone who seen the prototype of the sources claimed that this X Phone mobile phones appearance with a strong flavor of the Motorola (based on the Rarz MAXX as a template to create), and its shape is very Founder, the back is made of Kevlar, with metal border. R4i gold 3ds wholesale
In addition, sources also revealed that Google had been working together with Motorola to develope the X-Phone from to resist Samsung and Apple have a desire is to make the phone has a high-performance, while the power life is very strong, and their goal is to full power, X Phone The case allows the user to use at least three or more days. Different message before exposure the X Phone prototype battery capacity from 3300mAh to 4200mAh, Google also has built-in wireless charging it, samsung galaxy note2 flip case looks quite perfect the aircraft.
Many rumors are displayed, the machine is equipped with a 4.8-inch 1080p screen, equipped with quad-core processors and 2GB of memory (with a microSD card slot), while providing a 10 million-pixel camera, and it also is a native of the world’s first powered by Google Android 5.0 the lime pies system models.Ace3ds plus wholesale