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MT- Card First Card Supporting SaveEdit &EXfat SD

17 Oct

MT-Card team released the hardware&software ver2.0 to all us 3ds fans, which means it is MT CARD that the first 3ds card to support SaveEdit and EXfat Micro SD card. If u have the Mt card, u can update your mt card to latest firmware 2.0 then can enjoy these Roms.


Further, it is available now you can use a EXfat format and larger capacity
MicroSD card, up to 128G,which allows you drop and drag many roms as you wish.
MT Card update also support Homebrew now and more easy to distinguish 3DZ and 3DS by games icon will appear the screen.UP and DOWN to select roms, L and R to turn page.

In a word, with hardware&software v2.0, Mt card is good at SaveEdit, them being working more 3ds games/roms so that if we buy a mt card, we can play more free 3ds games by downloading the roms from mt official. Btw, Gateway 3ds does better in emunand high 3ds version like 7.1.0, 8.1.0 then it enables us that we can play more ds games which request the higher version 3ds version. It is a bonus that we only have a 3ds or 3ds xl version between 4.5 to 4.1, we can still play the 8.1.0-19e version popular games AND meanwhile the Eshop, bank is available with Gateway 3ds. So think twice which features you really like better, then make a choice to buy Mt card or gateway 3ds. Thx.

3ds MT-card

How to use mt-card to play GBA Games?

22 May

We know now the Gateway 3ds card can use the Multikernelv1.01  to play GBA Games on the blue card, recently the multi kernel v1.02 released out and MT-CARD can also play GBA games,It is so amazing to me.

Maybe you also do not know how to use the multikernel v1.02 to play the GBA games.


Below are the steps to tell you how to operate:

Firstly let’s know more about the Firmware function:

Functions of this MultiKernel:
1.DSI skin imitated,choose a icon just by tapping left/right botton
2.wood 1.62 for NDS game support.
3.Moonshell2.10 with full function supported
5.Emulators supported

The GBA emulator from multikernel firmware allow users to play gba games on n3ds/xl without buying anything extral.

To ues it play the GBA games you should prepare follow things:

a micro sd card,MT-Card blue card, N3DS/XL (system firmware version V4.1-4.5),one  gba game.

Step1:Download the  firmware multikernel v1.02 from here , upzip it, and you will see the files as below , copy all the files into your micro sd card

下载 (4)

Step 2.Insert your micro sd card into mt-card blue card and put them together to your N3DS/XL and power on nintendo console


Step 3. Click Icon and enter kernel v1.02 GUI


Step 4. Press direction key to choose GBA emulator


Step 5. Click the icon as pic shows


Step 6. Choose the GBA games and press key “A”


Step 7. Press A again,then the system will inform you following message


Step 8. keep on pressing key”A” ,till you see the game icon on top screen of N3DS/XL


If you still have no mt-card,recommend you buy it from

3DS Mt-card update steps from v1.3 to v1.4.

20 May

The MT-CARD firmware which has been updated to V1.4.
We know the newest firmware improves Eshop ROM compatibility and supports .3dz ROM .
So we all very want to enjoy the new feeling of the new firmware bring us.
Here we want to explain: how to update the MT-Card from V1.3 to V1.4.

Firstly:. Download latest hardware v1.4 from here .
Secondly:unzip it,open the folder


下载 (1)

Thirdly:Connect the MT-card to your PC with a USB cable the blue lamp of mt card will be lighting

下载 (2)

Fourthly:Click MT-Card updater to process the update in your PC

下载 (3)

Then:the system will ask you whether want update mt-card from v1.3 to v1.4

Finally: Press Y to confirm , after update finished, then you will update your mt-card to v1.4 successfully.

Mt-card Firmware v1.4!

14 May

The mt-card firmware updated:

Work with V.1.2 launcher.dat

Update features:
1. Enhance Eshop game compatibility
2. Support online play
3 Distinguish save files of .3ds game rom and .3dz game rom.

About online support
1. Supoorted roms: must use the latest dumper version to dump the roms, and the rom file extension is .3dz. Please note file name as .3ds is not supported.
2. For .3ds game rom, save file is .sav
3. For .3dz game rom, save file is .zav
4. For card 2 game roms, it is better not to rename the file extension, or it will cause backup error, in that case we can’t restore the game roms. It is better to backup the rom files.

The Mt-Card also support online play and more e-shop games support now.
Hope it will release more great feature soon.

All our cards has 5% discounts,Share our love with your mother!!

8 May

In May, the mother’s day is coming!

Have you prepared a gift  for your mother now? Are you still think over how to share your love with you mother?

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All mother have a nice mothers’ day!

Mt -card newest firmware support two newest e-shop games which gatway 3ds card can not support..

5 May

We Know the MT-card firmware has updated to the  V1.3 HW and V1.2 SW and Support more e-shop games. Now ,through this update, there are two games which only mt card support and the gate way 3ds card can not play . When UPDATING MT-Card to v1.3HW and v1.2SW , it can support 2 more eShop games: -Bird Mania 3D (e) -Liberation Maiden (e) This two games are all e-shop games You can view here to get more detail infomation about the two games: The vedio:   M4   If  you want to wholesale some MT-cards, please view here the official website.

MT card Hardware Ver1.3 &Software Ver1.2 released out!

17 Apr

The MT-CARD has update the firmware again.This time the update also bring  more ESHOP  games,and play speed more smooth.

For more information please view here :

MT card Hardware Ver1.3 & Software Ver1.2 released

MT card update supports 3 eshop games, and fixes the problem with low speed Micro SD card which causes animal crossing and pokemon X/Y games can not be played.

Hardware update is via USB. While updating, please make sure the MT card is connected to the computer, don’t disconnect, your MT card may be damaged if you disconnect. Please read the update instruction before you update your MT card to Ver1.3.

After update, MT card hardware version is Ver1.3, software version is Ver1.2. If you want to check the MT card version, enter MT menu, select “Select Game”, you will see “Ver: X.X’ on the screen, that’s the launcher.dat version, “HW:X.X” is the hardware version.

1.Hardware update(VIA USB)
1.1 Fix the problem with low speed Micro SD card which causes pokemon X/Y game can not be played.
1.2 Support eshop game Super Mario Bros. Deluxe

2.Software update( Launcher. Dat on SD card)
2.1 Add version display
2.2 Support eshop games(“HarmoKnight” and “Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies”)

It will support more games to players and some hardware problem has been solved.
Good work of mt-card TEAMS.
Hope the card become more and more powerful.
If you are interested in it, please view here.