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3DS Ver 9.0.0-20 Support flashcard List

17 Oct

Nintendo released the 3ds newest latest firmware 3ds 9.0.0-20 live out now.Home menu themes can be customized and controlled by tapping on a new menu icon located in the upper-left corner of the lower screen on the Nintendo 3DS.

Any interest in know the Nintendo Previous 3DS system updates include:

1. Version 8.1.0-19U (August 7, 2014)
2. Version 8.1.0-18U (July 24, 2014)
3. Version 8.0.0-18U (July 7, 2014)
4. Version 7.2.0-17U (May 12, 2014)
5. Version 7.1.0-16U (February 26, 2014)
6. Version 7.1.0-15U (January 22, 2014)
7. Version 7.1.0-14U (December 19, 2013)
8. Version 7.1.0-13U (December 9, 2013)
9. Version 6.1.0-12U (July 11, 2013)

Also share the compatibility of R4 Card works with 3DS 9.0.0-20

R4i SDHC 3DS RTS (with kernel 1.80B (unnecessary to upgrade)
• Supercard dstwo (with the firmware v1.23 )
r4i Gold 3DS RTS (with the firmware wood r4 v1.64 firmware)

• Ace3ds Plus (after 2013.09.03) cheapest one $3.8/pcs

• 2014 R4isdhc RTS Lite,2014 R4i dual-core,2014 R4i gold pro (The Gold),2014 R4isdhc Snoopy (The red),2014 R4isdhc Upgrade (The purple) kernel 3.5B works on 3DS 9.0.0-20(old can’t works)

Last but not the least, really would like to give us advice about the 3ds update 9.0.0-20.
For the R4 Card Users:
if your current 3DS/2DS system is lower than 6.2.0. You should upgrade your R4 Cards first.
if your 3DS system version beyond 6.2.0 You can upgrade your 3ds system to 9.0.0 directly.
if you use the gateway 3ds and other 3DS game flashcarts. Don’t upgrade. More details please check my another blog.

R4i sdhc rts card firmware updated to V1.80B.

25 Jun

From the official website ,the r4i-sdhc card kernel has updated to v1.8b now.
Follow is the newest changes:

R4i V1.80b Update:1. Fix some RTS games white screen issues.
2. Fix some RTS games hang issues.
3. Fix some RTS games problem. 
4. Solved games:

XXXX – Gauntlet (US)
XXXX – Gauntlet (EU)
6290 – Transformers – Ultimate Autobots Edition (US)
6291 – Transformers – Ultimate Autobots Edition (EU)
XXXX – Akumajou Dracula: Gallery of Labyrinth(CN)
XXXX – Professor Layton en de Melodie van het Spook(CN)
XXXX – Kingdom Hearts(CN)
XXXX – Dementium2(CN)
XXXX – Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters (JP)
XXXX – Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 (EU)5. Solved RTS games: 
6368 – Beyblade – Metal Fusion (US)
6369 – Beyblade – Metal Fusion (US) (ToysRus Exclusive)
6370 – Beyblade – Metal Fusion(US) (Walmart Exclusive)
6371 – Beyblade – Metal Masters (US) (Best Buy Exclusive)
6372 – Beyblade – Metal Masters(US) (Collectors Edition)
6373 – Beyblade – Metal Masters (US) (Target Exclusive)
6374 – Beyblade – Metal Masters(US) (ToysRus Exclusive)
6384 – Lera Glaciale 4 – Continenti alla Deriva – Giochi Polari(IT)
XXXX – Apprends avec Pokemon: A la Conquete du Clavier ‍(FR)
XXXX – Suite Precure Melody Collection‍ (JP)
XXXX – Lernen mit Pokemon – Tasten-Abenteuer (GE)‍


More games Can be played on the r4i sdhc rts cards now.

Please view more information from here

How to fix your r4isdhc dual-core White screen only show menu message bugs

13 Mar

Have you confused by this problem when you card insert into the console then the 3ds console Gets A white Screen?


Follow is a great solution to solve this problem of your r4i dual core card:

When you console bring white,That means the kernel/driver is missing on the micro SD or your micro sd card is not compatible . You can try following method to fix this problem :

1. Format your micro sd card or change a micro sd card.

2.Download the latest kernel firmware v3.3b from, unzip it,open the folder and copy the root files into your micro sd card


3. Insert your micro sd card to r4isdhc dual-core 3ds and put them together to your console and power on it

4. Click th icon and then you will enter the r4isdhc dual-core 3ds 3dsflashcart GUI

If your r4i dual core card is the latest one which can support 3ds v7.1.0, you can download the latest firmware and use above solution.

Latest 3ds firmware has been updated to v7.1.0-16!

28 Feb

Nice Day everyone!
Yesterday,there is a good news released from nintendo official site:The 3ds firmware has been updated to 7.1.0-16.This update also have no much change,it is said no much r4 flash cards has been blocked, update is to improve system stability,follow is more information about the update, please view:

Mainly quoated from official site
“Version 7.1.0-16U available via wireless Internet connection includes the following improvements:
1.Improved system stability and usability:
2.Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience ”

No worry,following cards has been tested to support 3ds v7.1.0-16 now.

Supper DSTWO
R4i gold RTS 3ds
r4isdhc rts 3ds
Ace3ds plus
r4i gold pro 3ds

other cards has not been tested, maybe they also can through the block and their official website may release the new patch for update very soon.
Just wait for the news come soon.
If any above new cards you are dealing eith in the market,please view from

3DS Firmware update to V7.1.0-15

24 Jan

The 3ds firmware updated again,we viewed this firmware update also just more stablity no much feature changed.
After tast we know following cards can directly support 3ds v7.1.0-15.

supercard dstwo
r4i gold 3ds

r4i sdhc 3ds rts

Ace3ds plus
r4i sdhc dual core

Like normal cards which support v7.1.0-14 all can support 3ds v7.1.0-15we will keep update once we checked the cards.
Py more attention on our website change

R4i-sdhc dual core card newest firmware V3.1b support 3ds v7.1.0-14!

27 Dec

On Dec.25– the christmas day, the r4i-sdhc team has released the newest firmware for each card like:r4i sdhc dual core,r4i sdhc rts card,r4i sdhc gold pro.
This new firmware support the latest 3ds v7.1.0-14.
Please kindly view here to get more informaton from the official website:

■2013-12-25 2014 R4ISDHC RTS LITE kernel updated to V3.1b.
■2013-12-25 2014 R4ISDHC Dual-Core kernel updated to V3.1b.
■2013-12-25 2014 R4ISDHC GOLD PRO kernel updated to V3.1b.
■2013-12-25 2014 R4ISDHC SNOOPY kernel updated to V3.1b.
■2013-12-25 2014 R4ISDHC UPGRADE kernel updated to V3.1b.

We know the new firmware may be compatiable with much more games and the cards always keeping update.
We just awaiting more good information from there.

Which Flashcard will be your best choice?

29 Sep

Nowadays,Lots of 3ds flashcards appear in the market.There are so many good cards like:SUPPER DSTWO,R4I GOLD 3DS,R4i sdhc silver card,r4i dual core card ,r4i sdhc rts card,Ace3ds plus and,r4i gold pro card.

Lets explain more about above cards for the newer of nds console lovers.

Supper Dstwo card, from

Support all 3ds and nds consles,always update very fast.
DSTWO the second generation flashcard.
It’s the first built-in CPU flashcard in the world.
DSTWO powerful CPU support built-in GBA/SNES emulator, support more powerful real-time functions.
R4i gold 3ds card,form

R4i gold 3ds card can support all 3ds & dsi console.
Wood firmware always update fast and can directly support nearly all nds games.
It is nearly the most popular card now.

R4i silver sdhc card,from

Support SDHC
Firmware always can update fast and can directly support the latest 3ds console

R4i dual core card,from

Built-in file operation
Cheat function
Support multi-language
Soft reset

R4i-sdhc rts card,from

Support all 3ds /ds console
Real-time guide feature
Real-time save features
User-cheat features

Ace3ds plus, from

Support the latest version 3ds console/ds console
Always update very fast
It is more cheap tham any above cards

Above cards are all very popular now.
Different function,different card and different price,all the cards have different features,you can choose the one you like best , the most powerful one or the cheapest one.
For more information about them you can kindly view